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Time to Panic!

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The federal government has partially shut down. All “non-essential” personnel have been granted a vacation. Should we panic, should we riot? It’s a perfect opportunity to ask yourself what impact the shutdown has on you personally. What activity of the federal government were you benefiting from before the shutdown that you now miss? What if […]

Read how that reeking pile of dog-shit, John Kerry, compares families of Boston bombing victims to families of Islamists Killed By Israel During Raid On Gaza Flotilla. This mess needs to be scraped off of the sidewalk.

There has been enough experience to show that N. Korea’s communist government can not be negotiated with — it doesn’t work. Offers of aid or trade have been tried and have not, and will not benefit us in any way. Negotiation with these people is futile and perhaps worse, it gives them a reason to […]

The Wall Street Journal article referenced here lays out in plain language the intellectual property thievery the Chinese Communist government is perpetrating against the U.S. and other western countries. This does serious damage to our society and our prosperity. Also see Fox News clip below: Watch the latest video at It deserves severe counter-measures. […]

Speculation has Obama appointing that stinking pile of dog-shit , that traitor John Kerry as Secretary of State. As a combat veteran who served in the same area, the Mekong Delta and at the same time-frame as Kerry, who accused U.S. forces of committing war crimes, I take this as a personal insult from our […]

In several prior posts I’ve predicted that China will eventually come apart at the seams. This is a country ruled by a brutal, corrupt dictatorship, with a banking system based on lies, and a real-estate situation more volatile even than that of the U.S. in 2008, growing discontent and a culture that permits poisonous baby […]

From “The Australian” newspaper we have a report of multiple protest demonstrations, some of them violent in China. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who is monitoring Chinese affairs. The country is an overheated boiler waiting to blow. The people of China are increasingly aware of their suppression and brutal treatment by […]

It is quite obvious that the Chinese government is responsible for the recent attack that compromised email accounts on Gmail. According to reports, the attack was directed at: The company [Google] believes the phishing attack emanated from Jinan, China. In addition to the U.S. government personnel, other targets included South Korean government officials and federal […]

In a March 26, 2011 editorial for the Wall Street Journal, Senator John Kerry wrote: On Monday I shook hands with young Egyptians and listened to them speak of their hopes for their country. At a town-hall meeting I could sense some questioning whether the United States would really be there when it counted. I […]

In the Libyan matter. Without leadership the “coalition” turns into a brawl. The U.S. is doing all the work while the Europeans squabble in the absence of U.S. leadership. While the Beanie In Chief Puts a Spin on it. It is a disgrace to our country and an insult to our armed forces to have […]

Do the news sources report the news faithfully? Read the two versions of the same event, below. Are the reporters talking about the same Muqtada alSadr giving the same speech? (They don’t even use the same spelling for his name.) New York Times Version: (The peace lover returns from exile.) Iraqi Cleric Embraces State in […]

After Sheriff’s Deputy Louie Puroll was shot by Mexican drug smugglers in the desert of Pinal County, Arizona the story went nationwide. But then an unknown, obviously leftist element began spreading stories that accused Deputy Puroll of shooting himself to publicize S.B. 1070, the controversial Arizona illegal immigration enforcement bill. Puroll was accused of racism […]

Here’s what happens when citizens allow government to take over their lives, making decisions for them that in a free country they can and should make on their own. When citizens become dissatisfied with the way they’re being treated, then it becomes a political matter. There are no individual solutions. In modern Europe this applies, […]

Once again, the Obama political regime spares no opportunity to use a crisis for its political mileage. In an interview with PBS’s Jim Lehrer yesterday, which focused mainly on the humanitarian and political dimensions of the Pakistan floods, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke made the spontaneous claim that Pakistan’s floods and Russia’s fires were caused by global […] published this piece in which Sheriff Dever of Cochise County Arizona describes how the U.S. Border Patrol is pulling back their efforts from proximity to the Mexican border on orders from their higher-ups. See: Arizona Sheriff: Border Patrol Forced to Retreat From Parts of Border Because it’s “Too Dangerous,” Upper Management Afraid of “International […]

Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal (July 27th) reminded us of some statistics that should be kept at hand next time someone uses the U.S. experience in Vietnam as an example of an unjust or unjustified war. From WikiLeaks to the Killing Fields All in all, America’s withdrawal from Southeast Asia resulted in the […]

Today’s Headlines: 21 killed in Mexican gang shootout near Arizona border and Gunfire hitting City Hall prompts Texas AG to ask for more troops on border For anyone who considers Mexican border enforcement to be a minor concern and Arizonans to be racial alarmists, the above headlines speak for themselves. We citizens of Arizona, and […]

Now we hear that “US troops won’t be used to stop illegal immigration”: US National Guard troops being sent to the Mexican border will be used to stem the flow of guns and drugs across the frontier and not to enforce US immigration laws, the State Department said Wednesday. So how are they going to […]

From Michelle Malkin comes this news: Eight Democratic senators from industrial states are challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate pollution blamed for global warming. In a letter written by Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, the lawmakers said the agency lacks the power to restrict greenhouse gases from stationary sources such as power […]

Today we have news that Google is threatening to end its internet operations in China. The reason given is that the company has experienced a high level of cyber-attacks against its headquarters operations, such attacks originating in China. Google says that some of these attacks succeeded in stealing valuable information from the company’s computers. And […]

Big Brother comes to New Zealand in government requirements for all providers of communications, telephone, internet, web surfing, etc. to install taps that will be accessible to the government. The measures are the largest expansion of police and SIS surveillance capabilities for decades, and mean that all mobile calls and texts, email, internet surfing and […]

Ireland has passed a blasphemy law. The majority Green party of Ireland, under Fianna Fail, confirms the saw that greens are stop lights, too yellow to admit they’re reds. Blasphemy? Holy shit! The Dark Ages commeth. The new law imposes a penalty of up to 25,000 Euros for publishing or uttering anything that any religion […]

Amidst the dismal background of hypocrisy about Islamic savagery we’re subject to amnesia about another brutal force in the world — the remaining Communist states. We’ve been lulled into thinking that China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba are really just harmless “socialist” relics. In the case of China and Vietnam our government and industry regard […]

The Reuters headline says, “PARIS (Reuters) – Youths burned 1,137 cars across France overnight as New Year’s Eve celebrations once again turned violent, the French Interior Ministry said on Friday.” The perpetrators are described as “youths.” Some youths. Those Frenchie kids are really violent monsters, or maybe they just don’t like cars. From “Times Online”Why […]

Bureaucratic blather about “procedures and protocols that have been in place for years” and “what happened to the screening process.” is all that President Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano offered when questioned about the attempted bombing of the Northwest Airlines jet last Friday. This is the same Janet Napolitano who publishes a booklet warning […]

Danish-American (1962) movie, Reptilicus, is ahead of its time. The movie shows a monster loose in the streets of Copenhagen. And where did it come from? It came from an OIL well. So now you know it’s REALLY EVIL. (Thanks to Breitbart’s Big Government for finding this treasure.) But don’t worry. Gullible Al is there […]

The American Physical Society is being split by a petition being circulated by some of its prominent members. Please take time to read an article about this here. To summarize the article, it appears that about half of the members wish to revoke a statement by the society that supports the AGW hypothesis of the […]

If you really want to learn what all the noise about ClimateGate is all about, I highly recommend Christopher Monckton’s very readable treatment in “Caught Green Handed, Cold facts about the hot topic of global temperature change after the Climategate scandal” referenced here in pdf format. In this 40 page summary filled with graphs and […]

The chairman of the U.N. IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is Rajendra Pachauri, an Indian guru shaman scientist. But holy cow, whatever he is, he’s a nut case. (Like Al Gore and Our Sun God, Pachuari is a Nobel Prize (2007) recipient. Picture above) First, he says that whatever the fudging, lying, hiding, and […]

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