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Screwed by Obamacare

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It should not have been a surprise. My health insurance (Medicare Advantage, HealthNet SeniorCare) plan dropped my physicians, so I signed up for a Humana plan which the representative assured me included the physicians and medical center I use. That was in October, 2014. Then, the last day of December 2014 I was informed that […]

America and Argentina on Same Path

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Does this quote from an article about Argentina in the Financial Times sound familiar? Ms Fernández’s approval rating has sunk to 33.5 per cent as Argentines are fed up with inflation estimated at 25 per cent, foreign currency shortages, corruption scandals, administrative incompetence and sagging business confidence. Polls indicate the government could lose its Congressional […]

Who Owns the Memorials & Parks?

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The memorial structures and parks in Washington D.C. and elsewhere belong to the people, not to the government. The WW-II memorial celebrates the accomplishments of the soldiers who fought the war and the current government can’t take any credit, whatsoever, for that. The behavior of the Obama administration, Harry Reid and his Democrat thugs in […]

Poll: Females Should be Drafted into Military

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The following article describes a poll in which purportedly 59% of Americans want women to be in included in the draft. click here This, combined with the movement to include females in combat roles is to me incomprehensibly ugly. See previous postshere and here and here As explained in the article the enthusiasm for a […]

Immigration Bill: 1,000 Pages of Deception and Betrayal

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Has anyone in Congress actually read the 1,000+ pages of the comprehensive immigration bill written by the so-called “Gang of Eight”? Whether you believe in immigration reform or not, you should consider what this bill actually says. You are encouraged to spend a little time with someone who has actually read the bill. The Daily […]

Based on ammo purchases, it looks like your friendly federal government is planning to kill everyone in America — several times over! That’s 1.6 Billion rounds of hollow point ammo, 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles, and 2,000 armored vehicles — all for use by “civilian” agencies? Come on, people. Wake up. This is crazy, but […]

Government red-tape ruined this citizen. Depressing, isn’t it?

Speculation has Obama appointing that stinking pile of dog-shit , that traitor John Kerry as Secretary of State. As a combat veteran who served in the same area, the Mekong Delta and at the same time-frame as Kerry, who accused U.S. forces of committing war crimes, I take this as a personal insult from our […]

What’s going on here? Why have govenment agencies such as SSA, NOAA, and DHS ordered enough lethal ammunition to kill every living American 5-times over? What is the purpose of this armament? It can’t be used in war. Hollow point bullets are banned from use in war by international treaty. So who is going to […]

Here’s a really clever rundown on Barack Obama’s contention that government (run by Obama) is responsible for the success of all entrepreneurial businesses. The “You [the entrepreneur] didn’t build that. Someone else did.” Enjoy! I don’t know who to thank for putting this together, but, of course, THEY DIDN’T BUILD THAT!

Finally we have real weapons control, the Assault-Fork ban Aren’t you glad your government is constantly looking out for the safety and welfare of your president? Next thing you know Holder’s DOJ will be walking assault-forks into Mexico to get them in to the hands of narco-terrorists. Now that would be a real scandal to […]

Increasingly a complaint about awkward or goofy health-related services is met with “But that’s the law. We have to do it that way.” For example, CVS Pharmacy has been revising their web site for prescription refills. It used to work just dandy, and was fairly easy to cope with. Now, however, everything is wrapped in […]

We’re hearing a lot of nonsense lately about how China’s economy is the envy of the world. Certain lefties in government and academia have been gushing about China’s construction boom, its railways, its airports, etc. But the real story of China is that it’s a house of cards, or a ticking time bomb. The banking […]

It’s not about spending cuts or debt limitation. Congress has just given President Obama and his regime the go-ahead to indulge in an additional $2.4 Trillion drinking spending binge. That’s the bottom line and it stinks.

What you’re hearing from our elected congressional “leaders” is all lies and cowardice. Let’s recognize that in two years the Sun God and his minions have increased federal spending by over $4 Trillion dollars. What’s keeping congress from whacking off that $4 Trillion right now? Cowardice. They think we’re dumb and inattentive. They think we […]

The very idea of having the congressional “leaders” negotiate with the President on the debt ceiling is obviously unproductive. The republicans should, instead, prepare legislation having major spending cuts, effective immediately, not over 10 years. They should try to get democrat members to buy into it, then pass it. If the democrats won’t participate or […]

Let’s face it. The NASA Apollo moon landing project was one giant publicity stunt designed to one-up the Russians during the cold war and burnish the image of a young, inexperienced president. While the moon landing was a source of pride to Americans and a thrill to watchers worldwide, it was not a significant contribution […]

A most sensible observation I heard recently: “Wars are not ended. They are either won or lost.” The president’s speech yesterday in which he announced a force reduction in Afghanistan then morphed into campaign mode was vintage Obama. Blah-Blah-Blah. The college professor proclaiming his rules for good living, which centered on you guessed it, kumbaya! […]

TSA, the Transportation Security Agency, which was supposed to make air travel safe has morphed into a tool of tyranny. Our liberty is at stake. In the coming presidential election campaigns the candidates must make the TSA a serious issue. The whole “Homeland Security” monster needs to be slain. The TSA needs to be eliminated. […]

Via the far-left blog Daily Kos we get this clip. It illustrates liberally the true nuttyness, delusion and mendacity that drive today’s far-left Democrat party. View the clip in its entirety if you have a strong stomach or a barf bag at hand. Ms. Pelosi starts out with the charge that the debt limit increase […]

This is what passes for “culture” in the Obama White House. These are the lyrics of Common, a rapper invited by Michelle Obama to the White House for “poetry night”. Does cop-killing and advocating the killing of a President represent civilized culture to you? It doesn’t to me. (from the Daily Caller: ) A Letter […]

To those in and out of government who worry about Muslim sensitivities if shown the photos of Bin Laden’s dead body I offer this. Those Muslims didn’t seem very sensitive to the videos of Daniel Pearl and others having their heads sawed off by fellow Muslims with rusty knives. So who should care about Muslim […]

Air traffic controllers sleeping on the job: Good enough for government work. TSA frisking children: Good enough for government work. President Obama’s budget speech of 4/13/11: A disgrace. This pack of lies, illusions and evasions is not even good enough for government work. The president engaged in class warfare of the most vile sort. The […]

Mark Levin nails it. President Obama refuses to ensure that the military are paid during a government shutdown …. because he’s a Marxist who hates the U.S. And we have this sack of crap for a commander in chief of the armed forces? Listen below: It makes me angry. It should anger you too.

Here’s a list of the acronym definitions found in the 429 pages of new regulations spawned by 6 pages of the Obamacare legislation courtesy of US News. Don’t even bother to read the regulations themselves. The exercise will probably shorten your life. Acronyms ACO Accountable Care Organizations AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality BCBSMA […]

In a March 26, 2011 editorial for the Wall Street Journal, Senator John Kerry wrote: On Monday I shook hands with young Egyptians and listened to them speak of their hopes for their country. At a town-hall meeting I could sense some questioning whether the United States would really be there when it counted. I […]

In the Libyan matter. Without leadership the “coalition” turns into a brawl. The U.S. is doing all the work while the Europeans squabble in the absence of U.S. leadership. While the Beanie In Chief Puts a Spin on it. It is a disgrace to our country and an insult to our armed forces to have […]

There is so much miserable bad news that it is depressing to write about it. That’s why it has been some time since the last article. But what really depresses me is that I have always been, at heart and in practice an optimist. I started and operated my own businesses, served in the military, […]

The “big news” here in Tucson over the weekend was the announcement of National Institute for Civil Discourse with sponsorship by former presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. The new organization National Institute for Civil Discourse (See here.) initiatives will include: Convening major policy discussions with elected officials, policymakers and advocates on topics […]

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