An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Anita Moncrief is a one-woman army fighting against socialism and Democrat corruption. Apparently she was an inside whistle blower against ACORN and continues the war. And what a warrior she is. I was completely unaware of her before stumbling on this video via Daily Caller. It’s a bit long, but very engaging. See it for […]

I’m dreaming of a new business that will make me filthy rich. It’s really quite simple. Now that Congress has the go-ahead to treat a mandate as a tax, I’ll propose to them the Greenie Tax. Wouldn’t the environmentally inclined be really pleased if all Americans practiced green policies, such as low flow shower heads, […]

After over 500 articles in this blog, I’m getting weary. But some things are quite clear when explained simply. Play Senator Coburn’s explanation (complements of Daily Caller) of what we’re facing as a country. It’s worth it.

Andrew Breitbart brought great energy, a bit of humor, and a lot of courage to the right side of the political spectrum. All who appreciated his work mourn his untimely death at the age of 43 years. Among Mr. Breitbart’s journalistic targets was the mendacity and bile characteristic of the so-called “mainstream” press. Just a […]

With permission from the author, below is his entire article. Read it and weep. Then get busy reforming government and protecting yourself and your family from the predations of the political class and their greedy beneficiaries, i.e., most of our ignorant fellow citizens. Weekend Edition Porter Stansberry: Why your family owes $700,000 Saturday, February 11, […]

I live near the Mexican boarder. For years now illegal Mexican immigrants have passed through my property. Often times I fed them, gave them water, let them use the telephone and sent them on their way. Other times they disconnected my hoses at night to re-fill their water bottles, discarded trash on the property and […]

If someone pointed to a baseball and told me it was a potato it wouldn’t tempt me to cook it for dinner. I don’t think it would tempt you either, no matter how authoritative the source of the statement. There is a fundamental and obvious difference between a baseball and a potato. But when it […]

From “The Australian” newspaper we have a report of multiple protest demonstrations, some of them violent in China. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who is monitoring Chinese affairs. The country is an overheated boiler waiting to blow. The people of China are increasingly aware of their suppression and brutal treatment by […]

Here’s Senator Tom Coburn’s take on the budget reforms that our congress will need to implement if we’re to survive as a prosperous nation. It’s really sad that politics has thus far made it unlikely that a real solution to the government’s out of control spending will be found. So Senator Coburn’s calm, sensible approach […]

Ireland’s government has announced a novel way of paying for government spending by taxing the assets of private pension funds. This appears to be a direct levy on wealth retained by pension funds. Similar ideas have popped up from time to time here in the U.S. There are trillions of dollars in private pension funds, […]

In case you’ve never seen up close what Mexican workers do on U.S. farms (it was new to me), please take a few minutes to see this video. The narration is in Spanish, but I’ll explain it below. The task involves three people. The first worker cuts the lettuce. The second worker trims the lettuce […]

The $38 Billion “cut” is a painful slashing of the U.S. government budget say Democrats. It’s the best we can do say Republicans. Neither party has disclosed exactly what will be cut. Who, then, will bear this horrible pain? The Obama democrats, while in control of the presidency and both houses of congress, have increased […]

In the video, above, Representative Paul Ryan outlines the vital need and rationale for his proposed U.S. Government budget. We’ve heard this proposal described as “extreme” but what is really extreme are the mindless increases in spending that have already been built into the government’s spending. If anything, Ryan’s proposals are modest, but a good […]

Global warming alarmists and warming skeptics alike sometimes delight in citing weather events as evidence that their viewpoint is the correct one. It is easy for the alarmists to point to severe weather events such as the freezing cold U.S. weather a week ago or the Australian floods and say they are evidence of global […]

RECOMMENDED: The Scary World of Jared Loughner; Dems Target Political Speech By Chris Stirewalt This is a well reasoned discussion of the political “do-something” climate already swirling around this weekend’s murder rampage by Jared Loughner.

Now that the Reid/Pelosi led lame duck congress has passed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, with the object of stuffing the military forces with homosexuals, congress will have to add a new line item to the defense budget: Cost of Aids Treatments for military personnel. It should be quite a lollapaloosa. As earlier […]

Mushify: [verb] The progressive/liberal formula for solving every problem and spreading happiness throughout the world. Whenever a liberal encounters someone, anyone who is unhappy for any reason, the answer is to mushify. The essence of musification is to redefine things so they no longer vex the unhappy complainer. Simple! Mushification appeals to those with a […]

I have a hard time bending my mind around things like interest rates, FED open-market operations, bond yields and international exchange rates, but today I found some articles that discuss these things in terms of stock prices, something I’m quite comfortable discussing. A chain of articles, starting with This Is What Happens When The Market […]

A provocative Forbes Blog article was referenced by Maggies Farm Blog: Why The GOP Will Never Cut The Size Of Government by Rick Unger. The article rightly observes that if you “[a]dd the 42 percent for Social Security and subsidized health care and the 23 percent for other entitlements and net interest […] you get […]

Thanks to “The Air Vent” for bringing to the forefront a significant development in the Global Warming fantasy skit. Here we have the resignation of a physicist named Hal Lewis from the American Physical Society. I and perhaps others was unaware of Lewis’ credentials. Fortunately the Air Vent blog provides a summary: Harold Lewis is […]

There is a group, led by a guy named Fred Phelps and his wife, calling themselves a church. This group rotinely assaults the funerals of fallen soldiers, claiming that their deaths are due to sinful behavior and homosexuality. These demonstrations are unbelievably ugly and offensive. The Supreme Court is considering whether their behavior constitutes protected […]

By restraining government powers the U.S. Constitution protects “Freedom To” for its citizens. It doesn’t define those freedoms, it just restrains the forces that, if allowed, can and will limit or destroy “Freedom To”. We should understand “freedom to” as anything an individual wants to do do that is not explicitly illegal. President Franklin Roosevelt […]

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor has a clever web based campaign called You Cut. The idea is that citizens should suggest wasteful government programs then vote on the ones they consider most deserving of cutting or elimination. The winning program-cut would then be introduced as legislation and the votes of congressmen would be recorded for […]

The Washington Times in its article “Finance bill favors intersts of unions, activists” points out some of the blatent paybacks and race bias that characterize Democrat mega-legistlation (2,400 page) being blindly jammed down the country’s throats. It’s just what we need, 20 more offices of minority and women inclusion. The bill would create more than […]

Today’s Headlines: 21 killed in Mexican gang shootout near Arizona border and Gunfire hitting City Hall prompts Texas AG to ask for more troops on border For anyone who considers Mexican border enforcement to be a minor concern and Arizonans to be racial alarmists, the above headlines speak for themselves. We citizens of Arizona, and […]

Shown below is a map of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, a half million acre preserve that buts up to the border with Mexico. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declared a portion of this park along the border line unsafe for American Citizens. I am personally concerned about this because I live […]

My friend, Ben Kalafut, wrote a comment to my recent article “Automotive Innovation, American Know-how.” His comment, below, stirred up some old memories on the subject. Ben wrote: Have you seen the six-stroke water-injection setup? Makes timing and manifold design a bit more complicated, but a very nice way to lower T_c and get higher […]

At last, something sunny to blog about! This MIT Technology Review article and associated links describes new technology to make automotive (and truck) gasoline and diesel engines more efficient. The research promises increased mileage, perhaps to 70 MPG or more, less pollution, and perhaps no significant increase in vehicle cost. Among the innovations are more […]

The socialist state is closing in on you and me. 1) The health care law requires all transactions totaling $600 or more (cumulatively over a year) to trigger IRS 1099 reports. That means the government will know who you get money from and whom you pay it to. 2) Thousands of new IRS agents will […]

What happens when the world’s only provider of free market medical care converts to a socialist system? Where do the patients go? Where do the doctors and nurses go? Where do the researchers go? They won’t be allowed to operate in the U.S. in competition with government regulated facilities. They’ll go abroad to open and […]

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