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Baloney in Bali

December 15th, 2007

Whenever you are told to believe something because everyone believes it, you are being asked to stop thinking and join the mob. This is stupid, to say the least.

The nonsense about human caused global warming meets this test explicitly. But the claim that all scientists believe this “inconvenient truth” is a lie and a distortion. So why the fuss and cry? Why are government leaders going to Bali to prostrate themselves before this false idol? To answer this just ask yourselves “now that communism is no longer in fashion, where have the communists and their sympathizers gone?” They’ve become environmentalists, of course.

Like communists, environmentalists are convinced that free human activity is inherently destructive and must be controlled by any means possible. Successful people owe their success to the exploitation of someone or something else. So to protect those less fortunate, the enlightened government (vanguard of the proletariat) must step in to squash the efforts of the successful among us. What a completely pessimistic and hopeless outlook this is!

Are we really running out of resources? Or will we simply become convinced that the can-do spirit that has made us successful will no longer work? We’ve run out of other resources in the past. Whale oil for lamps, for example, but some enterprising spirit refined kerosene and another guy invented electricity.

Let’s face the truth. Bali is Baloney. Don’t believe the pessimistic neuvo-communists. They’re as wrong now as they were during the whole 20th century. We are a can-do, creative, optimistic people. If we need oil, we go out and find more. If we can’t find more oil, invent something else as a substitute. All this can be accomplished by free people. None of it can be accomplished by governments or pessimistic activists, and especially not by international conventions.

Two Sides of Mexican Immigration

December 1st, 2007

A local Tucson Star newspaper columnist, Ernesto Portillo’s recent article is worth reading. He discusses Mexican immigration and attitudes about it in the context of two immigrants who were both in the news this past week. I encourage readers to refer to the article:
2 entrants’ tales offer a study in contrasts It is well thought out and perceptive about the reality and attitudes surrounding Mexican illegal immigration.

Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

December 1st, 2007

It’s getting closer and closer, the jackboots are clicking on the cobblestones. The U.S. Senate is now entertaining SB1959 which provides a government agency to examine the speech and conduct of Americans to see if we are engaging in “violent,” “radical” activities or about to commit Terrorist Acts. Gee, I think we should have a commission to examine the conduct of congress in this regard. A committe to investigate “Violent Defacement and Homegrown Terrorism Against the U.S. Constitution.” Now wouldn’t that do some good?

The really terrifying aspect of this is that this monster (HR1955 – see below) passed the House of Representatives with only 4 dissenting (voice) votes — the reps were afraid to have their votes recorded. What will the senators do? I doubt one in 25 of them has even read this bill. You should read it. (Thomas – Search for SB1959) It will give you cramps after you puke!