An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

There are a couple of fairly recent changes in the language usage that trouble me. It’s not that I’m a grammar nit-picker, but that language telegraphs attitude. It’s the attitude I find troubling, not the strictness of grammar or corruption of word meanings, per se. First is the substitution of “issue” for “problem.” When my […]

This past week a friend and I attended a concealed weapon’s class required to obtain a concealed weapons permit. As a gun owner but not a great enthusiast, I thought the class might provide some useful training and a little practice at the range. During the class I asked the instructor the following question: “In […]

A recent article: Livescience – Humans Force Earth Into New Geologic Epoch” says that mankind has so changed the earth that a New Epoch needs to be declared. All these changes, are of course, deemed to be harmful. And you thought global warming hysteria was creating excuses to regulate everything and everyone? This is potentially […]

We congratulate former president Clinton for his business acumen. Can’t argue with success! We just hope that Uncle Sam takes the bulk of it in taxes, or alternatively, that we get a peek at Bill’s maneuvers to avoid the tax bite. See: Wall Street Journal Article

Has anyone realized how absurd it is for the Congress of the United States and the President of the United States of America (TATA!!!) to be using up the public’s time and the public’s treasury on the regulation of baseball? Where in the constitution is it written that the U.S. Government should regulate sports? Or […]

The jack-boots are clicking on the cobblestones, and congress is providing them with tools. “Your paper’s please! I said, present your ID papers!!!” BAM! “Must have been a filthy terrorist. Have to remember to clean my pistol tonight. Damn, I wish he didn’t splatter so much.” The “Real ID” act has passed the senate. What […]

At heart I’m a libertarian. The concept of “less government, more freedom” sums up my overall political outlook. But there’s something wrong with the current, raw libertarian doctrine as espoused by, among others, Ron Paul. What’s wrong is an isolationist, pacifist view of the world we live in, a world that is, and will probably […]