An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

The President of the United States of America – what a title! But let’s think about it realistically. In spite of the politicians’ conceit that they are leaders of America, do Americans really follow leaders? Is America entirely composed of followers that need guidance and leadership from politicians? Does America have a mission? A Plan? […]

I’m writing this with my neck crooked over the phone. It hurts. I’ve been on hold for over an hour waiting to report an outage in telephone service from the monopoly landline provider, Qwest, Inc. This type of outage happens regularly, every time it rains here in Southern Arizona. This is why I call Qwest […]

Even though it is not reported widely there is muslim rioting in Denmark again this week. It has lasted for over a week. The news reports, such as they are, go out of their way to blame the rioting on “Danish youths.” What a crock! These are North African muslims stirred up by the cartoon […]

Monumental government architecture serves to intimidate citizens and puff the egos of elected and non-elected government employees. In a democracy this type of architecture is not only wasteful but harmful to liberty.

The latest federal government budget or $3.1 Trillion is hard to comprehend unless reduced to bite sized numbers. With about 300 million U.S. population, this amounts to $10,000 per person, man, woman and child. Does the U.S. government provide you personally with $10,000 per year in services? Is it worth $40,000 per year for a […]

Has anyone else noticed that the press has switched from left-right to right-left? No, not politically, but syntactically. In the past one would write, “The mumbly has increased from 25% to 50%.” Now I’m jarred when this is written “The mumbly has increased to 50% from 25%.” Hunh, what does that mean? Stop and re-read […]