An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Today I received by mail “Libertarians Rising, The 2007 Annual Report of the Libertarian Party.” From the first page onward I was stunned by the overwhelming negativity of the content. “The Bush administration has plunged this nation to new depths” four paragraphs into it, then wailing away about lost rights, “useless war”, “economy into a […]

China will eventually blow up. It is a country with a few million wealthy communist bureaucrats, plutocrats, and policemen, wielding absolute and brutal power over a billion shoeless, starving peasants. That’s a recipe for bloodshed and revolution. This week’s events in Tibet only illuminate what is an undeniably ugly situation. Communists are brutes and bloodthirsty […]

I never thought I’d read such a sensible article by that noted leftie, George McGovern. In 1972 when he was a candidate for president of the U.S. he seemed a completely doctrinaire liberal. But now he’s the author of an Wall Street Journal editorial entitled Freedom Means Responsibility in which he points out the harm […]