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Observation from conclusion of: The Y2K scare: causes, costs and cures by John Quiggin from:Risk & Sustainable Management Group Schools of Economics and Political Science University of Queensland Brisbane, 4072 Australian Public Policy Program Working Paper: 1/P04 The Y2K scare: causes, costs and cures, a PDF file Does this conclusion about the Y2K […]

As it appears in Also typically for Time, the “news” article blames world capitalism for the problem.

The Global Warming Hysteria now has some numbers associated with it. According to S. 2191, the America’s Climate Security Act of 2007 is projected to cost over $17,000 per average U.S. family. For that we could probably outfit (privately, not via. Nasa) a mission to another inhabitable planet and send everyone there. Yes, folks, […]

Oh, OH. Global warming hysteria has led to substitution of crops for oil, which has led to higher food prices. One big government response to hysteria is leading to another big government cycle of panic then intrusive, expensive, corrupt and ineffective programs. This week we’ve seen numerous and sudden stories popping up about skyrocketing food […]

The bombing of the Shiite mosque in Shiraz, Iran on saturday makes one wonder if Al Qaeda is trying to provoke Iran into more actively participating in the Iraq war. It is reported that the Shiraz mosque preached hatred of Wahabi islam, the version promoted by Al Quaeda. So bombing the mosque could be a […]

A spirited debate has ensued in this blog under the title “Global Warming – Another Scientist’s Dissenting View”. This has been great fun. But seriously, this whole exercise had me thinking about the real nature of the difficulty we [a scientist(he) and a skeptic(me)] have communicating with eachother. Maybe it mirrors the problem that others […]

Here we’ve had some discussion about mathematical models and global warming. It has been my contention that the use of mathematics doesn’t necessarily validate a hypothesis, per-se. And since much of the global warming hysteria is based on projections of models, it’s interesting to hear from a scientist who says these models are not credible […]

For my $70 share of Nasa’s $17.3 Billion proposed budget I’d gladly take the money and let NASA fold. It has completely outlived its original purpose, which was to impress the Russians during the Cold War. The space shuttle is a miserable mistake technologically and economically, and the space station is a huge waste of […]