An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Yes, there is a short-term solution to the oil crisis. In the short term the world oil supply is being reduced by violence in oil producing regions, most recently in Nigeria and Iraq. We need to use our military (navy) to protect oil production in Nigeria and other hot-spots affected by bandits and Communist guerillas. […]

The drug war can be won quickly and efficiently. It’s essentially done by cornerning the market for illegal drugs. Step One is for the government to offer top dollar for any and all illegal drugs from any source, no questions asked. Why should the producers sell to anyone else? The cost of this is liable […]

What little liberty and privacy you thought you still had left is about to be swept away by a stealthy provision in Senator Chris Dodd’s new Housing bill. This provision requires reporting to the Federal Government of all electronic financial transactions of any kind, including credit card, eBay and PayPal transactions. And by 2011 it […]

Well, I’d planned to do a piece on oil, pointing out a few facts to make the case that only wimps run out of oil. It’s out there to be gotten. But if you don’t explore, you don’t find. But the buzz has gotten ahead of me (as usual) so all I can do is […]

For those of you who think that any government is a good provider of services and security, just look at the Chinese in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake. Parents of children killed when their shoddily built school buildings collapesed on them mounted a protest outside of a courthouse near Juyuan. Quoting an AP release: […]