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Twisted Reality – War News

July 14th, 2008

War news is always grim. But today’s headlines blaring the “news” that 9 American troops have been killed in a ” well planned, massive Taliban assault,” amount to nothing less than twisted news. Yes, presumably the Taliban forces did attack, but the outnumbered American and Afghan forces drove them back and inflicted “tens” of deaths among the attackers. And the winners were…?? To read the article one would think the Taliban had won a major victory. Reuters, you’re a sick, lieing propaganda outfit, obviously aiming to denigrate U.S. military efforts in Afghanistan and elsewhere. And to make it worse, the Yahoo news page featured a file photo from the Communist Vietnamese newspaper “The Nien Daily.” The U.S. news outfits that picked up the story didn’t do anything to improve it or its headline. Our troops deserve better coverage. A little honesty would go a long way.

Biofuel Baloney Starves Kids

July 4th, 2008

A report prepared by a World Bank economist says that the biofuel mania has cause a 75% increase in food prices, contrary to what some political types have been claiming. The report was finished in April but held back to please the U.S. government.

Here’s the story: World Bank Report leaked by Guardian of England

Isn’t it interesting how manias can affect behavior and thinking to the extent that politicians would rather starve kids than admit that their policies are bunk. The greenies are meanies after all.

P.S. Go back to April in this blog for another article on this.