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The President of the U.S. Government Bureaucracy – A Change We Should Believe In

August 29th, 2008

Watching the Democrats at their nominating convention this week I was struck by an observation of change – the convention’s apparent theme. The “change” was that, unlike the previous few Dem conventions this one was not such a freak show. Most of the people there could have been my neighbors – unlike prior years, when one out of five appeared to come from under a bridge somewhere, if not from Mars.

But some things haven’t changed at all. The speakers all talk incessantly about “fighting.” Fighting for this and fighting for that. Mostly for the announced benefit of the “working people.” Now when you think about it, that’s an insult. First, who are they fighting? Presumably the evil Republicans personified by George Bush. If he was fighting back maybe there would have been many more vetoes. Or maybe they’ve been fighting the Republican congress. Odd (but fortunate) that they have accomplished nearly nothing at all in congress, due mainly to their own contradictions.

Now the second part of the insult is repeating endlessly the reference to “working people.” I suppose they mean blue collar union members, which leaves me and a lot of others out, as if we didn’t work for a living. This class reference, this Marxist class envy (warfare) rhetoric should have no place in American politics. This is the rhetoric of manipulative, scheming demagogues and dictators.

But is it meaningful? Not really. The Dems have, once again, selected candidates based on emotional windstorms, this time on Bush-hatred, anti-war nostalgia and environmental hysteria. History suggests that most of the American electorate is smarter than this, and that Empty Obama and Supercilious Biden will be recognized for what they actually are. They will not be elected.

And this leaves space for another observation. Mentioned almost as often as “fighting,” and “working people,” we heard “President of the United States of America.” This is a term I really wish both parties would abandon immediately. The replacement should be “President of the U.S. Government Bureaucracy.” This describes the proper role of the president. Too many people think that the President leads the country and even the whole world. This is a very dangerous and harmful illusion. This illusion is responsible for the virtual destruction of the U.S. Constitution by the Supreme Court and the Congress over the past 200+ years. This illusion turns citizens into serfs and public servants into slave masters. Americans don’t need and shouldn’t tolerate a government that intends to “lead,” guide, manage, or dominate the country. We already have too much of this; and that is what’s wrong now. We should start to correct it by referring to the president as “The President of the U.S. Government Bureaucracy,” or just “Chief Bureaucrat.”

American Will and Russian Treachery

August 13th, 2008

Peter Grier, writing for the Christian Science Monitor, laments (crows?) that the Russian invasion of Georgia shows the limits of American world power. But what it really shows is that America is experiencing a lack of will and careless inattention to the realities of international life post-cold war.

The Russians planned and prepared their invasion long before it was launched under the cover of the Olympics. The launching of the invasion was triggered by a Russian provocation — how else to explain the fortuitous timing? Multiple launch rockets are not a weapon used by peacekeepers or punitive expeditions. These are weapons of random distruction normally used to level cities and destroy large-scale military concentrations. There is no explanation for use of these weapons other than the intent to utterly destroy Georgian towns and cities.

What made President bush stay in Beijing a minute after learning of Russia’s treachery? Putin flew home. Bush stayed behind to watch beach volleyball and basketball.

What made anyone take Russia’s word that it had stopped the invasion? The Russians leaders, communists all, are well known to be habitual liers.

The fact is that the U.S. must persevere in any and all of its military operations to convince the world that we won’t be patsies. President Bush has dispatched military forces to Georgia as a signal to Putin & co. that we’re serious. Let’s hope Putin believes the threat is backed up by more will than has been shown so far.

South Ossetia — 1938 Anschluss and Sudetenland — a Repeat?

August 11th, 2008

Adolph Hitler believed he was returning German territory to rightful German sovereignty when he invaded Austria and Sudetenland (Czhecoslovakia) in 1938. He acted like the bully he was, believing rightly that the rest of the world would let him get away with it. The rest of the world did let him, to its eternal regret — as this gave Hitler the impression that he could invade the rest of Europe whenever he pleased. He did, and WWII ensued.

What was the lesson of 1938? The lesson is that a bully dictatorship that smells weakness in its enemies will be emboldened to do ever uglier deeds. We can’t know for sure what would have happened had the world confronted Germany vigorously in 1938. But one can suspect that WWII might have been prevented.

Vladimir Putin and the other ex-communist thugs running Russia now can either be confronted firmly and forcefully now, or we can wait and see what even more aggressive moves he takes to reconstruct the former Soviet Union by force of arms — a situation that would probably lead inevitably to a really big (nuclear) war.

Right now, today, the Russian troops haven’t moved to take over the whole country. It’s a good bet that Putin is deploying his military slowly to see what reaction he’ll get back. If the reaction is 1938-style, he’ll probably just go ahead and take the rest of the territory, absorging it into the new “Putinist Union.” If confronted sternly, he’ll most likely back down. If he doesn’t, then fighting him now is better than fighting him later, which would be a near certainty.

If we want to avoid going to war with the Russians, we must invoke Nato and all other mechanics of sanction immediately to confront Russia head-on. It may take troops — I hope not. But if it does, Putin knows that the U.S. still has the capacity, even as it is engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan (and has gutless wimps for allies) to seriously kick butt. He knows that, and if his bluff is called he’s sensible enough to back down. Most bullies will do this when confronted with serious opposition.

It would be a tragedy if we have to re-learn the lessons of 1938. The next time it may not turn out as well for us as it did the last time.


As a PS: This illustrates vividly why we’re shooting ourselves in the foot my not teaching our children any world history in school.

Olympics, a Totalitarian Circus

August 9th, 2008

The Beijing Olympics opening ceremony featured 2,000 automatons beating on drums. It’s reported that they were ordered to smile. I wonder if they were paid for their time or were drafted from labor camps. Yes, it was an impressive show. The kind of mass performance that totalitarian dictators like Kim Il Sung, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler routinely staged.

It is rumored that the opening ceremonies cost the Chinese government $100 million. But the real cost needs to include the brutality behind the bulldozing of hundreds of homes, the expulsion of thousands of workers from Beijing “to clear the air,” the beating and arrest of minor protestors, and the preemptive jailing of known dissidents.

It is wrong for us to let the circus in Beijing loll us into trusting this brutal communist regime. The Chinese people, those billion wretched people without shoes, the ones the Chinese government hides from view, the slaves; they may feel a twinge of pride that their country is showing off this circus for the world to see. But tomorrow they will wonder why they’re still shoeless while the communist bosses ride around in limousines.

China is a bomb ready to explode. Don’t be fooled by the circus.

Refer to this link and listen to the MP3 therein from Reporters Without Borders. The recording, which was broadcast clandestinely on Chinese FM radio 12 hours before the opening ceremonies, details the Chinese government’s attempts to
completely control the news in China through censorship and persecution of journalists.

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