An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Watching the Democrats at their nominating convention this week I was struck by an observation of change – the convention’s apparent theme. The “change” was that, unlike the previous few Dem conventions this one was not such a freak show. Most of the people there could have been my neighbors – unlike prior years, when […]

Peter Grier, writing for the Christian Science Monitor, laments (crows?) that the Russian invasion of Georgia shows the limits of American world power. But what it really shows is that America is experiencing a lack of will and careless inattention to the realities of international life post-cold war. The Russians planned and prepared their invasion […]

Adolph Hitler believed he was returning German territory to rightful German sovereignty when he invaded Austria and Sudetenland (Czhecoslovakia) in 1938. He acted like the bully he was, believing rightly that the rest of the world would let him get away with it. The rest of the world did let him, to its eternal regret […]

The Beijing Olympics opening ceremony featured 2,000 automatons beating on drums. It’s reported that they were ordered to smile. I wonder if they were paid for their time or were drafted from labor camps. Yes, it was an impressive show. The kind of mass performance that totalitarian dictators like Kim Il Sung, Joseph Stalin and […]