An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Yes, folks. Al Gore tells us that Global Warming has thousands of serious consequences, and then again, maybe some less serious ones as well. More sex sounds good to me. (Thanks to Climate Skeptic where I saw it first and Tom Nelson and UTube for the video.) It really is a master work of truth-telling. […]

First, refer to the U.S. Government’s GDP figures for 2007 and the first three quarters of 2008. Does this look like recession to you? Two graphs published by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis provide further reenforcement to the contention that the current Money Riot has been caused by Henry Paulson waving the bloody […]

The nuttiness gets worse and worse. At the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings for Hillary Clinton, prospective secretary of state, she said that global warming is a national security threat, with the prospect to cause “wars over food, water and arable land.” Her comments were echoed by the foul liar Senator John Kerry. See for […]

Here’s Senator Inhoff’s opinion for those who haven’t been paying attention. And the riot continues with the Obama Stimulus package. Stop it now! Write your congressman, join Dick Armey’s petition drive at Freedom Works This may be the last fading chance we have to preserve democracy, personal freedom and market capitalism. Don’t waste it.

People act upon their perception of reality, not upon any objective truth. This has always been so, and it makes complete sense when one thinks about it. It says that people act upon the “truth” that they, themselves see and experience, however limited or distorted this perception may be. A really big distortion of reality […]