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The Great Algorization – Fear, Panic and Cataclysm

February 27th, 2009

It has become obvious that the entire world has fallen into a frenzy of fear and panic. This isn’t a consequence of some random threat or misfortune. It is a deliberate fanning of flames by a bunch of pent-up socialists inspired by Al Gore and now led by Barak Obama. See: Dick Morris – It’s Obama Spreading Panic.

We could call this the Great Algorization. The economy is weak, so a recession is talked into a depression. Some scientists worry about the climate, so alarm spreads and becomes panic about “climate change.” Gas prices go up due to fear and speculation, which results in panic about energy supplies, and manias about renewables, energy independence and carbon footprints. The panic inspires “do-something-anything” government, which results in multi-trillion dollar budgets and trillion dollar deficits. So why not throw in health care, education and what next? Oh, yah, social justice. Why not that too?

It all makes me sick of being so negative. But, trillions in damage are being done right before our eyes. So what’s there to be optimistic about?

First, a ray of hope and inspiration: Ford motor company hasn’t taken any government money (yet) and lo and behold has just announced a hybrid vehicle that automotive reviewers hail as “best in the world.” YEH! Ford has announced reopening of an engine manufacturing plant. YEH! American capitalism does work.

Herald National Bank started up in November, raising $62 Million in capital. YEH! Inspirational? YES INDEED.

Message to the Obama crowd: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY AND LET AMERICANS SOLVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS. Your brand of jive and low-class, irresponsible economics belongs back in the “hood” where it originated and where it continues to stagnate.

Forest Fire Jihad — Look Out Janet!

February 10th, 2009

Amidst the insanity of the big Stimulus riot we hear news that the Muslim Crazies are preaching “Forest Fire Jihad.” It is reported that a radical Islamic web site is encouraging the use of arson as a terror tactic.
See: Islam group urges forest fire jihad
Given the ferocity of recent fires in the U.S. West, Greece, Florida and now Australia, this threat should be taken seriously. It is certainly a more serious threat than an atomic or chemical weapon which currently engages the attentions of our Department of Homeland Insanity. It’s easy to imagine a huge conflagration created by a few fanatics with matches, or worse yet by more sophisticated tools. And I can’t think of any effective defense short of instructing forest rangers to shoot on sight any raghead seen with jug.
And it might come to this — unless, of course, the FBI and others are able and willing to infiltrate groups prone so such activities. Opps, but that would be “profiling,” wouldn’t it? Janet Napolitano take note!