An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

It has been difficult to figure out where we’re going with Obama and his Democrats. Does Obama admire the French model of statism, or the Cuban model of an authoritarian-ordered, regulated, “fair” society? Certainly it’s not the American model of self-reliance, optimism and capitalism. As Americans our experience does not prepare us to evaluate Obama’s […]

So we’re suposed to get a stimulus payment? Want to do some real good for the economy with your stimulous check? Here’s what I’m going to do with mine. I’m going to use the whole thing to make pro-fiscal-responsability, anti-Obama, anti-Democrat political contributions. If enough of us did that it might make a real difference. […]

In the Washington Examiner: Creepy Uniformed Americorps Mandatory Service actually passed by the House of Representatives looks a lot like the paramilitary youth indoctrination systems of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Cuba. Read the article. It is really chilling to anyone who knows anything about history. I’m an advocate of universal military training and […]

So now the gang that can’t shoot straight, the gang that runs the post office, that charters and regulates the likes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, you know … the Feds. Now the Feds want to regulate every facit of the financial system. What this means is that a vast new bureaucracy will be […]

Earlier in this blog (January 20, 2009) I wrote an article stating that the so-called recession, which the politicians and fear mongers (Bernanke and Paulson) were promoting as an upcoming depression, just didn’t add up. Something was queer in the numbers. Now more news pops up, ablely documented by reenforcing the thesis that: a) […]

In yesterday’s press conference Mr. Obama continued his attack on the productive sector of the U.S. economy. In characteristic dry, sophomoric tone, between BUT.. AND.. and LOOK.. the President promoted his belief that the government runs the economy by making “investments.” This was somehow supposed to justify the money riot that has become governmnet policy. […]

Communism is an inherently evil system and in China they’ve perfected the most evil parts. Look at this video to gain some awareness of the brutality the characterizes the Chinese government. Then ask yourself whether it is wise for the world’s manufacturing capacity to be migrating to China. As if Tibet were a legitimate part […]

Barney and his cronies make me too sick to write. So I’ll just post the following courtesy of YouTube.

The new Obama federal budget calls for the government to collect 646 Billion dollars over the next 10 years in bids for carbon cap & trade privileges. The idea is that the government will license companies to emit carbon dioxide, but that these licenses will be limited in quantity and will be tradable by their […]