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Automotive Warrenty Security Blanket – All is NOT Lost

April 26th, 2009

Just when you thought nothing could get any worse, the government of compassion and hope steps in and reassures you. You can get your Chrysler or GM car fixed — no hassle. See how below.

Now, if only Amtrak and the Post Office could be as efficient and cheerful!

TARP: What Would Hugo Chavez Do?

April 24th, 2009

The banks, like much of America today, find themselves in a pickle. Many of them were forced to take TARP money and with it the “nurturing” hug of regulatory/political interference. And now the Obama government is talking about converting its preferred shares to common, thus effectively nationalizing the banking industry.

The whole processes, first forcing private institutions to take money from the government, then refusing to let them return it, then arbitrarily declaring that their shares should be converted to common voting stock — how could any of this be remotely constitutional?

What would have happened if, for example, Wells Fargo had said to Bernanke and Paulson, “No, we’re not going to accept your TARP funds.” Would it have gone to court, or would Obama have called out the Army to seize the bank? What would Hugo Chavez have done?

What if a shareholder were to sue their bank for irresponsibly taking TARP money? Could this involve the government in a law suit also? How would Eric Holder argue this one? What would Hugo Chavez do?

Suppose a shareholder sues their bank for allowing shares to be issued by government fiat. Shouldn’t it take a shareholder vote for something like this to happen? Where’s the brake lever for the government’s arbitrary proposal to convert preferred shares (illegally obtained) into common shares (illegally obtained)? What would Hugo Chavez do?

Isn’t there some way to use our legal system to halt his extra-constitutional and probably constitutionally prohibited rape of the U.S. financial system? I’m not a legal expert by any means, but I can’t find anything in the U.S. Constitution that permits this kind of activity.

But then again, Hugo Chavez doesn’t pay much attention to his country’s constitution either.

Our President is a Pansie

April 21st, 2009

From UrbanDictionary.com:

1)An insult used to descibe someone as a weak, pathetic, loser. People don’t mind starting fights on these people as they are easily defeated due to their low strength, frail muscles and fragile bones.

When our country is represented internationally by Obama, a pansie and a Hillary, a fluff we’re in trouble. Weakness begets war and tragedy.

Arctic Ice Expanding

April 21st, 2009

Here’s a report published in WattsUpWithThat.com, showing that the Arctic Ice Cap is expanding, not shrinking as some polar bear alarmists have proclaimed. In fact, it grows and shrinks every year with amazing regularity.

The polar bears and crashing ice shelfs make dramatic and emotional TV propaganda, but they’re being used to promote a big lie.

It constantly amuses me that supposedly truth-seeking scientists, when confronted with real-world data that contradicts their “models” routinely toss out or “adjust” the data to fit the model. This is prevalent practice in the “climate science” community, which feeds the “climate politics” community, which feeds the “totalitarian control of everything” community. So it’s no surprise that the political class of climate alarmists propagates the lies and probably believes them as well.

Man caused global warming is a political issue, not a scientific one. Unfortunately, even after downgrading “global warming” to “climate change” the potential for enormous economic and social damage looms. Nothing the Obama, Pelosi, Reid gang has done so far carries the thermo-nuclear potential for misery so much as the anti-carbon mania.

We need to recognize “environmentalism” for what it really is. It isn’t nature conservation. We’re all for that. No, it’s about political power and control. Environmental is all-encompassing. It speaks in terms of “the planet.” Environmentalists consider people to be a problem. Conservationists love nature. Environmentalists love power. Don’t be fooled.

What’s It All About … (Alfie)?

April 20th, 2009

Good chart from CoyoteBlog.com – Why People are Angry. I can’t add anything useful to this very concise statement.

More Mendacious Flim-Flam – Obama to “Save” $100 Million?

April 20th, 2009

OK, fine, the feds do need to trim and the $100 million Obama instructs the bureaucrates to “trim” isn’t “nothin.” BUT, the treasury has so far prevented Goldman Sachs from returning 100 times that amount, $10 Billion, and other banks want to do the same. This is political flim-flammery most vile, low and mendacious. Does anyone really buy into the idea that this is a show of fiscal discipline?

Why not slash 80% from the $3.5 Trillion Obama/Pelosi/Reid budget. Except for a bunch of teary-eyed thumb sucking bureaucrats looking for sympathy and welfare we wouldn’t notice the difference. The federal government does nothing useful for us anyway.

The Radical Right’s Tea Party

April 15th, 2009

Does this look like a gathering of violent, terrorist rightwing radicals?

This is the TEA PARTY – 4/15/09 in Tucson Arizona. From 1,000 to 2,000 polite, well behaved, self-sufficient people took time off from work to show their distaste for the U.S. Government’s money riot and pledge to do something to change the insane policies of President Obama and his party.

I saw one (1) news van there, and they left early. Had this been a gathering of filthy, communist, foul mouthed hippies throwing their feces at the police I’d bet there would have been wall to wall coverage by every station in town. We’ll see what left-leaning NBC channel 4 has to say about it in this evening’s news.

So what was I doing there? Contrary to appearances I’m no radical and this is the first political rally I’ve ever attended. I’m just a mature person who sees his beloved country and the American dream being trashed by the likes of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. My point is that you don’t have to be a radical to make yourself count, even if only by showing up to be counted.

Alarming Authoritarian Trends

April 14th, 2009

Newsweek Business headline: “We Are All Socialists Now — In many ways our economy already resembles a European one. As boomers age and spending grows, we will become even more French.”
(Note: maybe more Venezuelan?)

$5.7 Billion to be spent on Americorps. National service should be mandatory says Rahm Emanual. Original legislation mentioned “uniforms” The legislation authorizes 250,000 participants. (Note: this expansion would make it larger than the U.S. Marine Corps.)

To date, 20 states have passed or have pending resolutions declaring that under the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment, the U.S. Government’s growing power and disregard of states rights has become unconstitutional. (Note: It’s about time someone noticed. Hope it’s not too late.)

Obama bows to king of Saudi Arabia while Islamic savages hijack ships, detonate bombs killing civilians, whip and stone women, and single-handedly prolong the scourge of polio (due to preaching of Islamist clerics in Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India). Obama says we’re not at war with Islam. (Note: As things are going, maybe we will be soon.)

The Department of Homeland Insanity has issued a report warning of danger from “rightwing extremism” and especially “military veterans.” They say their concern stems from, among other things, the “Historical Presidential Election.” (Note: Better hide your guns and ammo. You may need them for their original second amendment purpose.)


We are Americans. We are the “can-do” country. We cherish our freedoms, not the perverted socialist definitions of “freedoms FROM”, but the American Freedoms TO. We cherish freedom to succeed and to fail, to speak and be spoken to, to assemble freely, protect our lives, property and liberty with arms if need be, believe or not believe in god, travel anywhere at will, to elect and regulate our government’s representatives and bureaucracy, to have control over our laws and our judiciary.

The headlines above indicate threatening authoritarian forces gathering strength all too rapidly. We must inform our fellow citizens, who are being kept in the dark and misinformed by the electronic and print media.

Don’t let this happen here, because it can happen only if we let it.

Obama Misrepresents America to the World

April 8th, 2009

So let’s see. Obama criticizes the U.S. as insensitive to Europeans, skips a planned visit to Omaha Beach graves of U.S. soldiers killed in D-Day invasion (so as not to “embarras” the Germans?), reassures islamic terrorists that they have nothing to fear from the U.S., tells Turks that their Islamic government is really good for them and tells Europe to accept Turkey into the E.U. — disgusting enough? How about bowing from the waist to the king of Saudi Arabia? Does this properly represent the U.S.? Does this represent you? See for yourself.

Obama is a disgrace to this country. Reverend Wright taught his pupil well.

It Ain’t Country Music

April 5th, 2009

It Ain’t country music if it has drums.
It Ain’t country music if if has a thundering beat.
It Ain’t country music it it’s so amplified that you can’t understand a word of the lyics.
It Ain’t country music if the sound is so loud it makes your ears bleed.

No, it’s rock and roll with a twang.

Tonight I saw Dolly Parton interviewd on 60-Minutes. She composes and sings country music. Tonight I saw the opening of the Country Music Awards. It’s not the same thing.

Country music is about ballads and about clever lyrics you can actually hear, such as “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then,” and “Prop me up against the jukebox when I die.”

I miss country.