An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Just when you thought nothing could get any worse, the government of compassion and hope steps in and reassures you. You can get your Chrysler or GM car fixed — no hassle. See how below. Now, if only Amtrak and the Post Office could be as efficient and cheerful!

The banks, like much of America today, find themselves in a pickle. Many of them were forced to take TARP money and with it the “nurturing” hug of regulatory/political interference. And now the Obama government is talking about converting its preferred shares to common, thus effectively nationalizing the banking industry. The whole processes, first forcing […]

From Pansie 1)An insult used to descibe someone as a weak, pathetic, loser. People don’t mind starting fights on these people as they are easily defeated due to their low strength, frail muscles and fragile bones. When our country is represented internationally by Obama, a pansie and a Hillary, a fluff we’re in trouble. […]

Here’s a report published in, showing that the Arctic Ice Cap is expanding, not shrinking as some polar bear alarmists have proclaimed. In fact, it grows and shrinks every year with amazing regularity. The polar bears and crashing ice shelfs make dramatic and emotional TV propaganda, but they’re being used to promote a big […]

Good chart from – Why People are Angry. I can’t add anything useful to this very concise statement.

OK, fine, the feds do need to trim and the $100 million Obama instructs the bureaucrates to “trim” isn’t “nothin.” BUT, the treasury has so far prevented Goldman Sachs from returning 100 times that amount, $10 Billion, and other banks want to do the same. This is political flim-flammery most vile, low and mendacious. Does […]

Does this look like a gathering of violent, terrorist rightwing radicals? This is the TEA PARTY – 4/15/09 in Tucson Arizona. From 1,000 to 2,000 polite, well behaved, self-sufficient people took time off from work to show their distaste for the U.S. Government’s money riot and pledge to do something to change the insane policies […]

Newsweek Business headline: “We Are All Socialists Now — In many ways our economy already resembles a European one. As boomers age and spending grows, we will become even more French.” (Note: maybe more Venezuelan?) $5.7 Billion to be spent on Americorps. National service should be mandatory says Rahm Emanual. Original legislation mentioned “uniforms” The […]

So let’s see. Obama criticizes the U.S. as insensitive to Europeans, skips a planned visit to Omaha Beach graves of U.S. soldiers killed in D-Day invasion (so as not to “embarras” the Germans?), reassures islamic terrorists that they have nothing to fear from the U.S., tells Turks that their Islamic government is really good for […]

It Ain’t country music if it has drums. It Ain’t country music if if has a thundering beat. It Ain’t country music it it’s so amplified that you can’t understand a word of the lyics. It Ain’t country music if the sound is so loud it makes your ears bleed. No, it’s rock and roll […]