An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

As a long time observer of the stock market and an active participant I’ve been quite amazed by the stock market’s 3 month, 31.7% rise from 3/6/09 to 5/29/09 as this is being written. There is something quite strange about the pattern, in that short term corrections that normally occur in such a market are […]

On the Memorial Day holiday weekend an article appeared, British Army to rethink ban on women in combat. This brings up a subject that is likely to emerge in the U.S. as well, especially given the present political climate. This concerns me as a citizen, a father of daughters and a combat veteran. So what’s […]

As the Obama government becomes ever more lawless certain members of congress are engaging in stunningly ugly acts of thuggery. Thanks to Freedom Watch we have this: 1) A hedge fund manager publishes his opinion in a newspaper. Nothing sinister or odd about that. 2) A senior member of congress, Barney Frank and some congressional […]

In a nutshell, here it is. The big lie. The huge threat to our freedom and our way of life. The future is yours to decide, for now at least. Don’t waste the opportunity to preserve your liberty. Fight back against this madness.

In a breathtaking example of government by diktat, our Dear Leader Obama declares that cars will henceforth drive farther (35.5 mi.) per gallon of gas and emit less CO2 to “curb global warming.” See:Obama to Set New Vehicle Rules, First Carbon Limit Presumably the government/union dominated GM & Chrysler will oblige him — if they […]

A Bloomberg news report says Obama, the principal author of the current $1.8 Trillion deficit, is worried about too much borrowing and the potential for run-away interest rates. What whould we make of this? Is it a ploy to smoothe the way for government health care programs? Obama says health care costs are the reason […]

George Will recently opined in a newspaper column that President Obama has acquired the “tincture of lawlessness.” Colorful language but a bit too delicate to describe the reality of a president showing complete disregard for the laws of the country and the Constitution he’s sworn to protect and defend. Where is the law allowing the […]

What Stimulus? There are increasing reports of the economy coming back, as it always does after a recession. Like the swine flu, this recession appears to be much milder than the hype. Did the monster stimulus pork bill nobody had time to read do the trick? Did this bring the economy back from the brink […]

The recent defection of Arlen Specter from the Republican to the Democrat party illustrates dramatically what is wrong with American politics today. Mr. Specter changed party, not because he believed he could influence policy better as a Democrat, but because this change would allow him to continue in office. He “joined the winning team.” This […]

Things get to looking really strange when our senior government officials spend time advising us on the proper way to cover the mouth when coughing and admonish us to wash our hands. But who knows, it might really be a crisis. We surely have enough of those, what with Global Warming crisis, Crisis in Pakistan, […]