An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Our country’s president, Obama the Sun God, has embarked on an ambitious program to reform and remake all of America. He knows what is best for children, for sick people, for the retired, for the “working class,” and for the economy as a whole. Bankers’ salaries, California water allocation, the welfare of the fishes, frogs […]

In the previous post I discussed Coyote Blog’s observation about the liberal pattern of diverting the conversation. Now, here’s a perfect example of diversion from a blog discussing Glen Beck’s rhetoric about President Obama’s attitude toward white people. The author, Scott Gibbs, complains: On Tuesday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends guest Beck makes the […]

A very interesting and on-point article appeared a few days ago in Coyote Blog: “Things I Have Learned as a Libertarian. In his posting, “coyote” observes a pattern of argument that characterizes discussions between liberals and others, an opening observation (“socialized health care is costly”), the liberal response parrying with an attack not responding to […]

Congressman Conyers, Chairman of House Judiciary Committee – Incredibly Stupid and Proud of it. “What good is reading the bill,” says Conyers, “if it’s 1,000 pages and … you don’t have two lawyers to find out what it means after you’ve read the bill?” He sees nothing odd or wrong about the Congress passing one […]

Listening to the Sun God’s bloviations on government run health care some thoughts (other than puking) come to mind. The Sun God proclaims that there are millions of dollars wasted in health care administration. So what about first applying his efficiency genius to the operation of Medicare, Medicade and other government run health programs. Wouldn’t […]

Do you really want to have your health care delivered through this bureaucratic monstrosity?

This discussion by an undercover agent who infiltrated Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist organization is extremely ugly. To those who don’t recognize Ayers, he’s a good buddy and collaborator with the Sun God during his “community organizer” days in Chicago. Play it. The company he keeps.

Today I stumbled across the work of, through a reference by and was truly dumbstruck. It was hard to belive that what I was reading could be true — “must be the rantings of some mad conspiracy type,” I thought. But no, there is is in plain detail and context, the words and […]

The former president of Honduras was constitutionally removed according to the L.A. Times article (Via Hugh Hewitt) by distinguished American lawyer Miguel A. Estrada, who emigrated from Honduras. Estrada was nominated to the U.S. Federal bench by President George W. Bush, but his confirmation was blocked by Democrats in congress. This article provides Estrada’s analysis […]

My wife has a friend (we’ll call her Maple) who lives in Canada. Maple has nothing but exuberant praise for the Canadian socialized medical system. Her story makes me question the rationality of people who think government provided medicine is a good thing. Maple goes on and on about having had heart bypass surgery — […]

Amidst all the political craziness at the national level it pays once in a while to pause and think about what crazy ideas local pols are promoting. Among the dumbest, in my opinion, is the “revitalize downtown” theme. I believe it is time to ask ourselves, isn’t “downtown” an obsolete concept? Why should local governments […]

More Communist Chinese Brutality: Tienanmin – unknown number killed by Chinese government forces, Tibet – unknown number killed by Chinese Government forces, Xinjiang province, Uighurs protest Chinese government brutality and at least 150 are gunned down by Chinese government forces. Thousands of troops are sent in to quell the native Uighur population. Local communist party […]

Coyote Blog published a very interesting chart showing the relationship between medical costs and the amount patients actually pay out of pocket for treatment. The essence of this is that people are careful with their own money, but when they perceive that someone else (insurance company) is paying the bill they don’t react to price, […]

The so-called Blue-Dog public option sounds a lot like a private option. So what is the difference? The difference is that, like Amtrak or Fannie Mae, no matter what they say in the beginning, it has the backing and potential to be micro-managed by politicians and bureaucrats. Arizona has a limited public option called “Healthcare […]