An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

GM to Invest $293 Million in China. Has the world gone mad? Isn’t GM a U.S. government enterprise, dedicated to building little green roller skates with Union workers here in the Good Old USA? Isn’t this the company, so starved for capital, that it just screwed its former investors out of their capital so it […]

The best thing one can say about Senator Ted Kennedy is that his death relieves us from hearing so much palaver about Michael Jackson.

The Dear Leader’s spokesmen have announced that an overnight stay in the Lincoln bedroom of the white house will be used as an incentive for “high value terrorists” to spill the beans to the new “White House Interrogation Squad.” “We’ll ask prolitely for the information we require, then reward the detainees with a night in […]

Quoting from a recent post in Zero Hedge: This Week in Mayhem (08/24/2009) “The Federal Reserve has apparently been engaged in OTC derivatives trading — beginning in March 2009.” and “At this time, it is unclear whether these $1.4 trillion in new Federal Reserve OTC derivatives are related to the unusual market activity many of […]

Always thoughtful and well spoken Coyote Blog discusses light rail economics here. The author has a standing bet that light rail costs more to build than it would cost to supply all riders with Prius cars and more to operate than it costs to fuel those Prius’s. He gives good examples of where his bets […]

The butcher says, “So you won’t buy the whole beef? OK, I’ll cut it in half for you.” Hereupon he gets out an axe and whacks the bloody carcass in half. The buyer protests that the butcher hasn’t improved the quality of the beef. It is still full of maggots and is rotting at the […]

What has the Prez learned, seven plus months into his term? Surprisingly little is my estimation based on the amount of talk that billows from his still empty suit. He carries on as if he were the world expert on virtually everything from medical treatments to parenting. The Sun God image seems to have blinded […]

Gee, I’m kind of getting used to the flattery of receiving email SPAM directly from the White House — signed by David Axelrod. This makes me feel like a real insider — kind of a confidante of the Sun God. I wonder when they’ll offer me a job? In addition to a six figure salary […]

This the kind of oversight you may have to participate in under the Obamacare system. These people have lost family members by the incompetence and good-enough-for-government-work attitude in British NHS (National Healthcare System). Don’t think it can’t happen here. It already does happen routinely in our government run VA Hospital system. Beware! Obamacare is care […]

Captain Obama is on the case: Childish But True and Funny Too!

Click the video below if you think Canadians have a good healthcare system. (Thanks to PJTV) It’s not about health. It’s not about the House Bill or the Senate Bill. It’s about Freedom. Government has no business at all in health care. NONE!

This is how freedom loving American citizens feel when told that the government will step in and take over responsibility for their health care. But no need to worry! The Sun God is on the watch! (He’ll ration care to those who really need it. Over 60 need not apply.)

U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, speaking in Inchon, Korea continues to spread the global warming climate change gospel of impending doom, adding that the world has only four months left to solve the problem. Oh, Oh, better get out your waders for the flood and your guns for the “Social unrest — even violence.” If […]

The Democrate majority in congress has become so arrogant that they’ve set up a “war room” to do battle with the American citizenry. Some say they’re listening to the signs of unrest. But the big cannon is NO, WE DON’T WANT ANY HEALTHCARE LEGISLATION AT ALL. SHUT IT DOWN NOW!.

Even in an atmosphere of hyped up emotions over Obama’s healthcare fraud, this is a disgusting example of the left’s disdain for civilized discent. A citizen confronted Dingle saying his son, who has cerebral palsey, would be denied coverage under the Obama plan. Dingle agreed and said an ammendment was forthcoming to remedy the situation. […]

In my prior post I tried to analyze the President’s attempt to “debunk” what they see as misinformation about their healthcare bill. On reflection after this exercise it seems to me that they actually have hurt feelings about the opposition, i.e., “How could anyone be so opposed to a bill that is designed to help […]

Our Dear Leader thinks we need to be educated about his party’s healthcare takeover bill. See: (The Sun God Will No Doubt Thank Me for the Link) How much money does Congress authorize for Executive Branch Propaganda? Is this the Joseph Goebbels memorial agency of the White House? Seriously, what kind of resources is […]

A crisis looms in Cuba. Their benevolent and ever-wise government-run economy has run out of toilet paper: Cuba’s financial reserves have been depleted by increased spending for imports and reduced export income, which has forced the communist-led government to take extraordinary measures to keep the economy afloat. “The corporation has taken all the steps so […]

Exclusive: African student engineer invents device to solve the Sun God’s appetite for fish. After seeing the appeal for “fishy” info to be sent to flag@Whitehouse.Gov this clever guy came up with a device that will automatically attract the fish. And like Obama’s internet fish trap, this one is also electrical. Click the picture to […]

An energetic blogger scanned the health care bill and extracted its essence in this link. He also posts a link to the actual text of the bill. I’ve checked out some of the references (too many to do them all) and they’re on-target even if sometimes a little inflated. The arrogance of the bill’s authors […]

This is getting really ugly. Our Dear Leader, The Sun God, now wants citizens to report the misdeads of citizens who oppose socialized medicine directly to the white house. See: Report Your Neighbors OK, like Castro and Chavez the Sun God is organizing neighborhood watch committees to spy on opponents and heretics. From the whitehouse: […]

The loonie leftie liberal greenies have now got it all together, see: Having fewer children reduces carbon footprint The bottom line: People are a real problem, i.e., without people the planet would be paradise. We now have John Holdren (Obama’s science advisor) who once advocated poisoning the water supply to sterilize people getting together with […]

In case you haven’t seen the blog at TheFire.Org Here’s an interview with Dave Barry concerning censorship on college campuses. Visit the web site. It speaks eloquently for itself. Is this the prototype for impending censorship in the Obama vision of change?