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The chairman of the U.N. IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is Rajendra Pachauri, an Indian guru shaman scientist. But holy cow, whatever he is, he’s a nut case. (Like Al Gore and Our Sun God, Pachuari is a Nobel Prize (2007) recipient. Picture above) First, he says that whatever the fudging, lying, hiding, and […]

Even though we’re beating up on some scientists these days for their pretensions, we can also take time to laugh.

After the Obama feds threw out the legal contracts between bondholders at GM and Chrysler, they then grew tender about treatment of ACORN, the totally corrupt activist arm of the Democratic Party. See below from the New York Times: A Housing and Urban Development Department lawyer asked the Justice Department whether the new law meant […]

An addendum to the previous post. This is Eid Al Adha. It’s just like Christmas, isn’t it? Again, Shame on you Best Buy.

Oh, this constant griping is becoming tedious. But sometimes there’s just too much to gripe about. This one turns my stomach. Best Buy Ditches ‘Christmas’ But Celebrates Muslim Holiday in Fliers Apparently in 2006 Best Buy announced that they thought the mention of Christmas would be offensive to some of their customers and employees. In […]

A little fun.

American Thinker makes a damning case against the Global Warming Alarmist fraud led by CRU. It’s worth reading in its entirety: CRU’s Source Code: Climategate Uncovered but here’s the conclusion. Advocates of the global governance/financial redistribution sought by the United Nations at Copenhagen in two weeks, and also those of the expanded domestic governance/financial redistribution […]

What, exactly, is cap & trade? I’ll try to illustrate it here by example. Let’s say the government decides that the citizens are getting too fat. They declare that the ideal weight is (170 lbs. men, 110 lbs. women = average 140 lbs.) So it announces a cap and trade program allowing only (140 lbs. […]

No wonder the Sun God is so ignorant when it comes to economics. Look at the private sector experience of his cabinet compared to that of previous presidents since 1900. (Lifted from The Enterprise Blog) No wonder he trusts government and cares nothing about wrecking the private sector. Ignorance begets ineptitude.

We now read that our Sun God President will promise at the upcoming Copenhagen climate conference big reductions in greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions from the U.S. What makes him think he can make and keep this promise? Presumably he’s basing it on the Boxer/Kerry bill making its way though the House of Representatives. But what […]

While stumbling around the climate blogosphere I came across this, just published report: Simple Model Leaves Expensive Climate Models Cold The report describes a simple climate model that seems to actually work and compares it to the complex U.N. IPCC models that don’t work. Incidentally, this new model predicts 0.5 degree C. rise in temps […]

By now most of you have read about the unauthorized release of thousands of emails and other data produced by prominent climate scientists, most of them advocates of global warming hysteria. Here for your casual perusal are summaries from selected emails contained in the CRU hack data files. Climate Cuttings 33, by Bishop Hill blog. […]

The hoopla about breast cancer screening recommendations masks a basic and important difference between private health and “public health.” The public health people study health in terms of statistics. If a test saves one life in a thousand but costs everyone who takes the test $100, then one life is lost but at a cost […]

Yet another loony U.N. notion: climate change causes prostitution and HIV Aids. The effects of climate change have driven women in communities in coastal areas in poor countries like the Philippines into dangerous work, and sometimes even the flesh trade, a United Nations official said. Suneeta Mukherjee, country representative of the United Nations Food Population […]

High-Income Tax May Be Needed for Afghan War Cost, Levin Says Like I predicted a few articles back, here comes congress a-taxin. Can a VAT be far behind?

I have been a long-time reader and fan of the Wall Street Journal, especially the well-written editorial pages. The long-time editor of the editorial pages, the late Robert L. Bartley, used to say that his was the only newspaper that could claim to be sold largely if not solely on the merit of its editorials. […]

ABC News reported on Monday that the web site, which is supposed to track all the stimulus spending and the jobs “saved or created” is so screwed up that the data is garbage. (more here) The site reports spending and jobs saved for numerous congressional districts that don’t even exist. Not that the government […]

From a Beijing souvenir shop. Here’s what the commies think of our president. Enough Said!

From Psychology Today, Dr. Mark Goulston titles his article: November 7, 2009, Evolutionary Psychology The Ft. Hood Killer – Guilty But Not Evil The Ft. Hood shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was not a bad person. Read the article if you have a strong stomach and a barf-bag handy. It goes on to say that […]

After reading the Wall Street Journal piece of shower heads I made a note to write about it, but once again, Coyote beat me to it. All Our Shower Heads In My House Have Been Hacked Nonetheless, the subject is such a good one that I’ll add my two cents. Coyote’s article is, as usual, […]

You BASTARD. You were elected to stand up for America. You are a disgrace.

So now we hear that Obama wants to reduce the deficit, and might even abandon Cap & Trade next year. Interesting if true. Of course, there are two ways to reduce the deficit: a) Limit Spending and b) Increase Taxes. Based on past experience it is a fairly safe bet that what the Obamacrats have […]

Blowing upon the embers of revolution in response to Obama’s gang of socialists — this video is worth playing. Find more videos like this on Mywesttexas Chatter Meanwhile, in Britain, there are calls for individual carbon rations — exceed the rations and you go to jail. In the U.S. the House of Representatives (yes, that […]

in addition to the murder indictments against him, the Ft. Hood Muslim Maniac, Nidal Malik Hasan, should be indicted for Treason. He took an oath to protect and defend the U.S. against all enemies, foreign and domestic. He clearly “breached his allegiance” and acted as an enemy of the U.S. by attacking its armed forces. […]

From USA Today the news that the Supreme Court refused to block the execution of John Allen Muhammad, the so-called “DC Sniper.” It is no surprise that Obama’s appointee, Justice Sotomayor, joined with two other liberal court members to disparage the court decision. Justices Stevens, joined by Ginsburg and Sotomayor, wrote, “By denying Muhammad’s stay […]

This still brings me tears of joy. It was a great day, the culmination of years of evil and blood. For my generation which was taught how to “duck and cover” (hide under one’s school desk) in case of atomic attack, for a generation in which some of us went to war to fight communist […]

Characteristically, for the Obama gang, we learn from AP that our Secretary of Homeland Security is more worried about potential hurt feelings among Muslims than she is about terrorism. “Janet Napolitano says her agency is working with groups across the United States to try to deflect any backlash against American Muslims following Thursday’s rampage by […]

The new PelosiCare bill contains provisions for 118 new bureaucracies — and Pelosi says this won’t increase the federal deficit? See especially sops to politically correct types and Acorn funding salted throughout this list. Nov. 5, 2009-New Federal Bureaucracies Created in Pelosi Health Care Bill ARTICLE MEDIA RELATED NOVEMBER 5, 2009 Print The House Republican […]

From British newspaper, the Telegraph, we have this: Fort Hood shooting: Texas army killer linked to September 11 terrorists I doubt this article would appear in a PC U.S. newspaper. It implies that a Muslim was preaching terrorism at his mosque (how odd, how un-PC), and that the mass murderer, Nidal Malik Hasan, may have […]

Yesterday afternoon and evening I spent hours upon hours listening to CSPAN’s broadcast debate and vote on the Pelosi health care legislation from both parties. In addition to having my eyes glaze over after the 999th uttering of “the gentleman from” and “the distinguished gentlemen” it was hard to discern the purpose of the speeches. […]

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