An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

OINK! OINK! isn’t funny any more. This isn’t pork, it’s corruption of the worst and most blatant kind. It should get congress members jailed, not just ridiculed. Here are examples of some of the $4.2 Billion of earmarks added to the grotesquely bloated $636 Billion defense budget. From Fox News In all, Congress added in […]

Don’t worry folks, the system worked. The undy-bomb didn’t go off. Look at me, Big Sis. “If one of them bad things flys over, well, I’ll just shoot it down — if I can figure out where the trigger is.” Notice all my safety equipment, glasses, ear protectors. And the gun isn’t loaded. Now that’s […]

Bureaucratic blather about “procedures and protocols that have been in place for years” and “what happened to the screening process.” is all that President Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano offered when questioned about the attempted bombing of the Northwest Airlines jet last Friday. This is the same Janet Napolitano who publishes a booklet warning […]

In my minds eye I visualize the current before Christmas scenery. No white Christmas and carols there. No jingle bells. I visualize a general walking across a devastated, shredded battlefield, among the dead bodies and broken machines of war, still smoking and burning. The general could be of either army, the victor or the vanquished. […]

Breitbart reports EXCLUSIVE: Transvestites, Mao And Obama Ornaments Decorate White House Christmas Tree Obama continues to flaunt his left-wing, urban-black, lower-class credentials, even in decorating the White House Christmas tree, where ornaments feature, who else but that Yuletide loving Chinese mass murderer Mao TseDung. And for entertainment another bauble features “legendary transvestite Hedda Lettuce” (maybe […]

A recent spat over an American army commander’s order that pregnant soldiers in a war zone should be subject to courts martial illustrates, once again, why women should not be soldiers. When a commander has to worry about losing soldiers, not to bullets and bombs, but to pregnancy, and then has to deal with shrill […]

My Washington spies tell me that Pelosi and Reid have drafted a British cleric to be the new chaplain for the U.S. Congress. After learning that the British priest, Father Tim Jones, had advised his congregation in a Christmas sermon to engage in shop lifting to relieve them from poverty, Pelosi called Reid on the […]

I’m sending this plea to my Democrat representative, Rep. Raul Grijalva, who has voted for the health care takeover against my ardent advice. Dear Rep. Grijalva, You’re acting like a push-over. Look, Ben Nelson and Mary Lanerieu got lots of boodle for their districts. What did you get for our district? Nada! You need to […]

The climate summit in Copenhagen collapsed under the weight of its anti-American agenda. Hooray for that! The discrediting of the AGW climate scare goes on, not so much because of the juicy emails, but because of evidence that the raw data was flagrantly cooked. A truly independent audit of this will show whether the data […]

So Hillary and Barack want to give $100 Billion to the people celebrated by this crowd? They’re crazy of stupid or both. Anyone who wonders where the communists went after the fall of the Soviet Union now knows that they became greenies. A curse on them and theirs. And anyone who wonders about the underlying […]

Danish-American (1962) movie, Reptilicus, is ahead of its time. The movie shows a monster loose in the streets of Copenhagen. And where did it come from? It came from an OIL well. So now you know it’s REALLY EVIL. (Thanks to Breitbart’s Big Government for finding this treasure.) But don’t worry. Gullible Al is there […]

The Copenhagen Climate Challenge produced a petition signed by 140 scientists. The petition concluded: It is not the responsibility of ‘climate realist’ scientists to prove that dangerous human-caused climate change is not happening. Rather, it is those who propose that it is, and promote the allocation of massive investments to solve the supposed ‘problem’, who […]

Minnesotans for Global Warming brings us this holiday cheer:

Two stories, almost too ugly to be true … the British have a nanny Children’s Secretary named Ed Balls. He’s proposing to expand a program characterized as “Sin Bins” wherein closed circuit tv cameras will be installed in 20,000 homes of “the worst families” per a Daily Express article quoted below: (tip to for […]

From time to time someone gives frustration a voice. If you’re as frustrated and depressed about where the country seems to be heading currently, please take time to view this: Bill Whittle “The Kudzu Curse” On Pajamas TV. You may have to register, but it’s well worth the extra effort. Mr. Whittle, for those of […]

An article in Save Capitalism blog exposes the dirty data manipulation engaged in by GHCN (Global Historical Climatology Network, a part of NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) as it pertains to temperature measurement records for Antarctica. The artcle’s author, an amateur, shows how the actual data has been adjusted to produce a bogus […]

The Pelosi-Democrats have done it again. They’ve passed a bill that is designed to hog-tie the U.S. free market to the detriment of us all. This is like Sarbanes-Oxley, the hastily assembled monstrosity that was supposed to address the problem of corporate misconduct, but which instead imposed an ugly burden on small and rapidly growing […]

Here, Lord Mockton, former science advisor to the British government, discusses in some detail the implications of climategate and the Copenhagen conference which is taking place now. . Here Lord Mockton asserts that the email and document revelations from CRU are the work of an inside whistle blower, not an external hacker. Very interesting, indeed.

A Coyote scoop! This stands on its own. Awsome Analysis of Urban Biases on Surface Temperatures

* Yucky School lunch meat – Beef that McDonalds would reject, Chicken that KFC would reject, Campbell Soup rejects – not good for anything but pet food. Our Federal Government bureaucracy sends this stuff out for consumption in school lunches reports USA Today. *Transportation Safety Agency publishes airline baggage inspection manual – a veritable gold […]

Forget the emails. Forget the conferences. Forget Gullible Al Gore. If the basic temperature measurements used as the basis for global warming claims are finagled to produce a predetermined result (warming), then the end result is fraud, no matter how you package it as science. Both the English (CRU) and the Nasa (GISS) basic temperature […]

Highly recommended See American Thinker who lays out a step by step description of how CRU fudged the data making up the basis for the Copenhagen wrecking ball now going on. His conclusion is also worth a thought or two: After all, the stakes are enormous: perhaps trillions of dollars and unquestionably every American’s personal […]

The American Physical Society is being split by a petition being circulated by some of its prominent members. Please take time to read an article about this here. To summarize the article, it appears that about half of the members wish to revoke a statement by the society that supports the AGW hypothesis of the […]

The Pelosi Democrats want your wealth. A financial transaction tax, HR-4191 is now in committee. It was introduced by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore) and is enthusiastically backed by Nancy Pelosi. This tax, demagogically described in the bill as the “Let Wall Street Pay for the Restoration of Main Street Act of 2009″ is claimed by […]

Can it get much more silly than this? From the German Politikan, via Der Speigel, noted by Drudge, we learn that the prostitutes of Copenhagen are offering their services free of charge to delegates at the climate conference in retaliation for the Danish government’s notice to delegates discouraging use of this service. So you see, […]

It appears that the original programming CRU data (which was the subject of the frustration and bewilderment in the notorious Harry_READ_ME.txt file) was a PHD student named Tim Mitchell. See if Mitchell’s argument in “Christian News Worldwide”, excerpted below, gives you a warm feeling about the competence and objectivity of the CRU’s programming. See: “Climate […]

If you really want to learn what all the noise about ClimateGate is all about, I highly recommend Christopher Monckton’s very readable treatment in “Caught Green Handed, Cold facts about the hot topic of global temperature change after the Climategate scandal” referenced here in pdf format. In this 40 page summary filled with graphs and […]