An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

The picture shows the Dalai Lama being escorted out the back door or the White House past bags of uncollected garbage. This mis-treatment of a foreign dignitary was apparently a concession to the Chinese communist government. Mr. Obama, you’re a coward, a pussy and a disgrace to your country.

Taxpayers are spending $150 million (including a $63 mil federal grant) for 4 miles of street car line. That’s $37.5 million per mile! According to the Arizona Daily Star article the city could not get the boodle B.O. (Before Obama) because it simply didn’t make economic sense. But now it does? The city had sought […]

Late in the 19th century some immigrants from Norway arrived in the U.S. One of these came as a cabin boy aboard a Norwegian sailing ship named the Lancing. His name was Thor Ottman Firing whose father was a Norwegian naval officer. Thor Ottman signed on to the sailing vessel to fulfill a requirement to […]

Tucson, Arizona is engaged in a discussion about whether local elections, now partisan, should become non-partisan. So the question arises, do Republicans and Democrats differ at the local level? Yes, absolutely, said Tom Volgy, University of Arizona professor of political science and former Democrat mayor of Tucson. In a recent appearance on Arizona Illustrated Mr. […]

The utter insanity of this government is getting me down. The climate panic is being discredited day by day, so what does the Sun God do? He decides to initiate a new agency. See: Report of New U.S. Agency for Climate Study and whatever other mischief they can concoct. But maybe it’s not so stupid […]

You’ve probably seen one or more of the U.S. Government’s 2010 Census promotion ads. You’re supposed to believe that by filling out the census form you’ll be guaranteeing yourself goodies from the government. Now I suppose that to the socialists in congress and the White House this all makes sense. But then we learn that […]

It just goes on and on — the Obama/Pelosi/Reid juggernaut of foolishness and irresponsibility. The Financial Transaction Tax is one of those sleeper bills that is sitting in congress waiting to be sprung on the country late some Saturday night when everyone is engrossed in a sports program on TV. This tax proposes to raise […]