An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Are you ready to imagine a world in which everything is controlled by mathematical models similar to the “global climate models” that have led to global warming hysteria? Can you imagine a “…model that uses in real time things like financial transactions, health records, travel details, carbon dioxide emissions and so on to build a […]

So Obama calls out the swat team to suppress and terrorize a local tea party in the vicinity of where he’s speaking? Look at the terrorist tea partiers here. Courtesy of Andrew Brietbart’s Big Government Blog, originally filmed by SharpElbows.Net” If the government fears the people it is inclined to become repressive. If the people […]

What happens when the world’s only provider of free market medical care converts to a socialist system? Where do the patients go? Where do the doctors and nurses go? Where do the researchers go? They won’t be allowed to operate in the U.S. in competition with government regulated facilities. They’ll go abroad to open and […]

On October 30, 2007 I wrote a post (click here) suggesting a practical, common sense solution for the problem of illegal immigration. Essentially, I proposed a system whereby those who wished to work temporarily in the U.S. would purchase an insurance policy. This policy would have several purposes: 1) The policy would pay for any […]

The NY Times reported mistreatment of severely wounded soldiers. The Warrior Transition Units, having responsibility for treating some 7,200 wounded or psychologically damaged soldiers were supposed to be an improvement over the disgraceful conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center which were revealed in 2007. The article describes serious mistreatment of soldiers assigned to these […]

Tucson Tax Day Tea Party was a sunny, mellow affair, very similar in tone to last year’s rally. The bite was still there — throw the bums out, reduce the size of government, reclaim liberties — but perhaps a little exhaustion from loss of the health care battle had set in. These things do go […]

Earlier this week I started to prepare an article about Arizona’s government spending, observing that over 20 years the population has grown by 80+% while the state government’s expenditures have tripled. As a result, per capita spending has risen from $500 to $803, a 60% increase. So then I sought to figure out where the […]

This is an interesting discussion about the tax train coming at us. And it doesn’t take an ear pressed on the rails to detect it. Just stop, look and listen, as the signs used to say. To summarize, if the economy stays beaten down, which it will given the tax increases and spending blow-outs already […]

In case you missed it, our Sun God president once again grovels, first to the king of Saudi Arabia, then to Japan’s emperor, and now to a vicious communist Chinese leader, Mr. Hu Jintau. Maybe he should just prostrate himself naked before his masters. This guy is a disgrace to every American. By the way, […]

CBO Reports Federal Govt. “climate change” related Expenditures total $99 Billion over the past decade. About on third ($35.7 Billion) of that is appropriated in the Sun God’s stimulus package. If climate science were “settled,” then why the huge expenditure? See graph below: I’d guess that’s a lot more than Exxon and “Big Oil” spent […]

On trip last week from Tucson to San Diego and back we were stopped eight times at Border Patrol checkpoints. On one of these occasions, my brother driving the car, seeing no sign from the officer that he wanted us to stop, ran through the checkpoint at slow speed. The officer banged his fist on […]