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Gutless, Toothlesss and Stupid

May 27th, 2010

Now we hear that “US troops won’t be used to stop illegal immigration”:

US National Guard troops being sent to the Mexican border will be used to stem the flow of guns and drugs across the frontier and not to enforce US immigration laws, the State Department said Wednesday.

So how are they going to do that? Ineffective and annoying checkpoints going south added to the annoying and ineffective checkpoints going north? The last time the national guard was deployed on the border they were not issued ammunition for their weapons. Now that’s really smart — armed forces without bullets. Only the Obama crowd could think of something more stupid than that — stopping the arms traffic southbound! “Hey! The other guys have guns! Those are the guys you’re being sent out to stop?”

I live just about 35 miles north of the border, so I’m intimately aware of the problems. We have traffic through my property all the time. In the past it had been friendly farm laborers looking for honest work. But lately the traffic has turned ugly — drugs and gangs. Where I used to greet and chat with the visitors, I now go out armed to confront them and send them on their way. The border patrol sometimes comes out, but never quickly enough to apprehend anyone.

From what I’ve heard so far this is just another example of the gutless, toothless and stupid Obama crew posing as fixers for everything from banks, to auto companies, to health care, to oil wells.

“Progressives” Don’t Look Back

May 24th, 2010

Click the image below for an interesting historical insight into where the “progressives” led by the sun god are taking us today.

Thanks to DougRoss@Journal blog.

Black Markets and Free People

May 23rd, 2010

The socialist state is closing in on you and me.

1) The health care law requires all transactions totaling $600 or more (cumulatively over a year) to trigger IRS 1099 reports. That means the government will know who you get money from and whom you pay it to.

2) Thousands of new IRS agents will be hired to monitor your health insurance subscriptions. Do you have a government approved policy? What else might these new jackboots be used for?

But that’s not all, folks ….

3) The new financial regulatory law in front of congress has a provision that allows the government to collect data on all banking transactions, including ATM transactions, by name of person including address. The government is specifically authorized by the legislation to do anything they please with this data.

4) Various “comprehensive immigration reform” proposals by “progressive” Democrats have proposed national ID cards for all citizens (and non-citizens?).

Guess what all that is aimed to do? I’ll tell you if you read on from here.

The logical and historically inevitable result of these measures which will be combined with regulatory measures to control your behavior, the upcoming massive tax increases in the form of energy taxes, carbon taxes, and potentially a VAT — will be the complete stagnation of the county’s economy and emergence of an immensely enlarged underground economy, often called a black market. This type of situation arises historically from the advent of repressive regimes and hyper-inflation, both of which are on the horizon for the U.S.A.

Beyond a certain point most people are not helpless and stupid. Even if they don’t value their civil liberties, they do react to attacks on their economic freedoms. They’ll find a way to take care of themselves. And when they find that government has destroyed the integrity of the above ground business environment through over-regulation usually accompanied by massive corruption, when their money is worthless, their lives are monitored in excruciating detail by oppressive bureaucracies — then they figure out ways of living that bypass all of this. The black market emerges. Don’t like to be monitored by government? Don’t participate by reporting anything. Don’t like your government clinic? Pay a doctor under the table. Don’t like the government monitoring your ATM transactions? Use cash obtained in under the table in private face-to-face transactions. Don’t have cash? Do barter transactions. Money worthless? Use another country’s currency or gold. Afraid to being found out by your local commissar or block committeeman? Arm yourself. Afraid to arm yourself? Emigrate.

Of course, this type of economy is typically a growth opportunity for criminal gangs. Look at Russia. Look at Zimbabwe and Nigeria. So you don’t like what the gangs are extracting from your black market activity? Join the gang.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? That it can’t happen here? Think prohibition, then read the first part of this article. The “progressive” government doesn’t think it’s so far-fetched. It’s preparing itself already.

IRS Paperwork Explosion

May 21st, 2010

As mentioned before in this blog, hidden in the health care legislation is a new IRS requirement that will result in a massive paperwork increase for every business in the country. It will cost thousands of dollars and countless hours to comply with this new requirement to report 1099’s for all transactions over $600. Hundreds, maybe thousands of transactions will have to be monitored and reported.

CNN Money.com reports:

Starting in 2012, that changes. All business payments or purchases that exceed $600 in a calendar year will need to be accompanied by a 1099 filing. That means obtaining the taxpayer ID number of the individual or corporation you’re making the payment to — even if it’s a giant retailer like Staples or Best Buy — at the time of the transaction, or else facing IRS penalties.

In essence, the 1099-Misc is having its role changed from a form for tracking off-payroll employment to one that must accompany virtually any sizeable business transaction.

“Just with business travel it would include hotels, rental cars,” Henschke says. “Phone service: 1099. Computer service: 1099. Whoever does your postage meter: 1099. You do a little advertising, Yellow Pages: 1099. Your landlord: 1099. You might as well just keep them in your pocket and hand them out as you go around every day.”

The IRS jackboots are clicking louder and louder on the cobblestones. These fine folks will monitor and be in charge of your every transaction. They will have to monitor your life so as to direct your health care — have you purchased your Obamacare policy? If not, go to jail. Did you fail to report income from the sale of your lawn mower? Go to jail. Did you fail to submit a 1099 for the independent guy who paved your driveway? Go to Jail. Did your business fail to submit its 1099’s on time? Pay a fine and go to Jail.

This abomination needs to be killed PDQ or we’ll all have to spend our entire lives filling out forms for our socialist government to torment us with. And maybe the Sun God can explain why he had to hide this monster in the health bill.

I’d rather go to jail than comply with this involuntary servitude. Give me liberty or give me death.

Woman Killed by Police After Refusing to Answer Census

May 21st, 2010

A Yuba City, California woman, Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin, was shot dead by two police officers who were called by census worker. The census worker complained that he or she was confronted by an armed man. Roger-Vasselin reportedly confronted the police officers with a shotgun and refused to put it down when ordered. The police shot and killed her. This occurred at 10:20 PM according to reports.

The question I have is: What was the census worker doing there at 10:00 PM in the dark of night?

Three N.Y. AG’s — 3 Scumbags

May 17th, 2010

That’s three in a row for the big apple. First Rudi Giuliani, who thought nothing of destroying reputations of honest Wall Street businessmen, perp-walking them, charging and humiliating them in the press, then when the publicity wore off his charges were dismissed by the judges. They didn’t get their reputations back, and Rudi went on to political fame.

Then came Elliot Spitzer, mimicking Giuliani, fast and loose, making up the law to suit his political publicity agenda, only to be brought down by his own hubris and bad character in a sex scandal.

An now it’s the scumbag Richard Blumenthal, following in the mucky steps of his predecessors. Lying about his supposed military service in Vietnam.

These three are all scum and deserve to be in jail for abuse of their prosecutorial powers. Too many state attorneys general in this country have taken the attitude that they can define the law. Beat the tobacco industry over the head and rake in the booty, investigate this or that, destroy reputations, run for office as defenders of the good and right. What rot. What corruption.

If I had my way they would be put in the public stocks and spat upon.

CORRECTION: Blumenthal is AG in Connecticut, not NY. But still scum.

Exhaustion and the Cargo Cult

May 11th, 2010

What’s new today? Too much to complain about, that’s what:

Greece and all of Europe in a meltdown over excessive government spending on welfare programs and lavish unionized public employee compensation leading to massive public debt. Devaluation of the Euro is likely after they go through their own TARP (including a significant U.S. exposure), and it doesn’t work.

California in the same fix as Greece. Its debt rating has sunk to sub-junk status. California’s chance of repaying any bail-out is nil. They’ll default and bring down the whole U.S. economy. Massive hyper-inflation is the most likely outcome. And if not California, then several other states qualify as well.

Obama diluting and feminizing the supreme court. This means that the court will have to answer the question “How do you feel about this?” in addition to “Is it constitutional?” or even “Is it legal?” Kagen says the court (she) can right a lot of wrongs and protect the innocent and the weak.

World Health Organization, an out-of-control train-wreck agency (aren’t they all?) at the U.N. ignoring its own profligacy and uselessness proposing to international taxes on internet services and financial transactions in a wealth redistribution plan similar to the recent climate (mug the West) fiasco at Copenhagen.

Mrs. Obama (non-elected nanny) along with Federal Trade Commission (what?) is campaigning for government oversight of food production so as to slim down all those fatty kids. Just wait, we’ll eventually have people out in the street doing Chinese communist style calisthenics every morning then going to a public dining room to eat their granola rations and listen to political indoctrination.

Chris Dodd is still pushing his “Let’s Whack Wall Street” financial regulatory scheme — as if its predecessor (panic-financial legislation), Sarbanse-Oxley, ever did anyone any good.

British Petroleum spilling oil, Muslim savages spilling blood, and politicians and meddlesome leftist busybodies spilling nonsense about Arizona.

New York mayor Bloomberg going to London to see if security cameras all over the place make the city safer. Hint — they don’t.


Exhaustion sets in when one sees too many negative things happening that don’t seen amenable to individual or even cooperative initiatives to solve them. However, when one recognizes that they are symptoms of a larger disease one can and must focus on the disease itself.

What do all of these have in common? They are all symptoms of leftist lunacy, the dismissal of all common sense, individual judgement, initiative, and propriety; all in favor of government bureaucracy and nannyism. They are all symptoms of looming tyranny — loss of individual freedom — power and control flowing to the political/bureaucratic structure. And citizens have not only allowed this to happen, but in many cases they’ve encouraged it by demanding goodies from government.

In essence, too many of our citizens have adopted a cargo cult culture. The cargo cults originated in Borneo during World War II when the natives saw parachutes loaded with free goodies dropping from the sky. They reasoned that with the proper invocation of the gods that this cargo would continue to fall to them. Our current cargo cult leader is Barack Obama, the Sun God.

The cargo cult culture is summarized in WikiPedia as follows:

Cargo cults tend to appear among people who covet the foreigners’ equipment but are unable to obtain it easily through trade or established traditions. Members, leaders, and prophets of the cults maintain that the manufactured goods of the non-native culture have been created by spiritual means, such as through their deities and ancestors, and are intended for the local indigenous people, but that the foreigners have unfairly gained control of these objects through malice or mistake.[citation needed] Thus, a characteristic feature of cargo cults is the belief that spiritual agents will, at some future time, give much valuable cargo and desirable manufactured products to the cult members

Doesn’t this remind you of those who believe the fruits of prosperity come from “spiritual means” and “are intended for the local indigenous people, but that the foreigners have unfairly gained control of these objects through malice or mistake.” i.e. somebody, the rich, the government, has the cargo but it belongs to the “local indigenous people” by right. Sounds like Obama, Reid and Pelosi to me.

Cargo cultists display sacred symbols in hopes of attracting cargo:

It is essential, then, that we focus our efforts toward curing the political disease, the leftward drift that produces these symptoms in the first place. Retire the Sun God and his minions. Educate the cargo cultists. Vote only for representatives, local and national, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian that promise and you firmly believe will actually reduce government, not just reduce its rate of growth. Fiscal responsibility may take a gold standard, it may take a constitutional amendment and changes at the Supreme Court. But ours is a resilient society — we may still have the willpower and self-discipline to fix the mess before it drives us all mad.

Another Attack on Your Wallet, Your Time, and Your Freedom

May 10th, 2010

In an earlier post I spoke out about the paperwork burden that Obamacare was certain to impose on all of us. Here’s another specific example: Health care law’s massive, hidden tax change Under this provision hidden in the law’s 2,400 pages all purchase transactions of $600 or more in goods or services would trigger the need for the buyer/payer to submit a 1099 form to the IRS and the seller. So under this law if you stock your shop with goods from 500 suppliers over a year’s time, and you buy more than $600 worth of goods from any supplier, you’d have to send out 1099s to and for each such supplier. You’d have to maintain records of the aggregate purchases from each supplier. Then, at the end of the year you’d have to comb through these records and mail out 1099 forms, maybe hundreds of them. Then comes an audit where you’d have to justify the accuracy of your involuntary servitude clerical work. And if you’re on the receiving end of these 1099s, heaven help you if one or more gets lost in the mail.

This is another of those government-growth-goodies that lurk in the health reform law. And can some Democrat policy wonk tell me why this is part of the health reform law — other than as a massive attempt to grab additional revenue?

Government grows, you pay.

Market Sabotage? WH Doesn’t Rule it Out.

May 7th, 2010

Mr. (Glib) Gibbs reports that President Obama, the Sun God, is on the case. He’s using his immense expertise to examine what caused the market blow-out on Thursday and doesn’t rule out sabotage.

What fun. So let me enter the conspiracy game by suggesting that the cause of the market blowout was a mistake made in the government’s ongoing market manipulation campaign. Somebody at Goldman Sachs using treasury funds, instead of buying large amounts of index futures contracts hit the sell button instead. Voila! Instant chaos is triggered.

And while we’re talking blow-outs, the oil rig accident’s timing is just too delicious for Rahm (Don’t waste a crisis) Emanuel. Could that be sabotage too?

Gotta go. The black helicopters are hovering above me as I type.

Liberty and Democrats

May 7th, 2010

How often we hear liberal democrats brag about their efforts to prevent violations of our civil rights — the Patriot Act, Wire Tapping — Edgar Hoover and the Evil Bush Administration, etc.

Well, now we have bills in congress such as the so-called Immigration Reform bill that proposes national ID Cards, and the Financial Reform Bill that gives the government unprecedented power to snoop into every detail of our financial affairs.

Senator Shelby points out that:

“The Democrats’ new bureaucracy poses a threat to our privacy,” Shelby said, “Under section 1022 of their bill, the new bureau would collect any information it chooses from businesses and consumers including personal characteristics and financial information.

“Individuals could be required to provide the new agency with written answers–under oath–to any question posed by the bureau regarding their personal financial information.”

This information along with all other information collected by federal financial regulators can be used by the Office of Financial Research to monitor the entire financial system for so-called systemic risk.

I guess my ATM withdrawals represent a potential “systemic risk.” Do yours?

Now ask yourself which faction in congress wears the jack boots.

Brutality Alive and Well in Communist Vietnam

May 7th, 2010

From Maggies Farm, an article about a Vietnamese government request to “present its case” to Vietnamese-Americans. Congressman Cao of Louisiana, the only Vietnamese-American in the U.S. congress had the rectitude to call the communist tyrants by their right name in his letter of reply. Letter to Deputy Minister Nguyen Than Son.

Communists, whether Vietnamese, Chinese, North Korean, or Cuban are brutal thugs. The fact that we do business with any of them is a testament to our moral decline. Living comfortably (if temporarily) behind the shield of a professional military tends to make us oblivious to the ugliness of these regimes. But once upon a time there were Americans who recognized the Vietnamese communists as the aggressive, brutal thugs, intent on imposing tyranny over the whole of their country. We aided the free people of the south and won every battle. But then lost our focus, our will, and our moral standing. The defeatists, the cowards and the pinks among us gained the upper hand. The South Vietnamese people paid a bitter price for this, and the whole of Vietnam continues to pay a price.

If you’re interested in knowing the brutal details, I urge you to investigate these links The Vietnam Human Rights Network. I’m not making it up.

The GM Truth

May 5th, 2010

Should we laugh? Should we cry? Should we prosecute?

Cap&Trade + VAT = Economic Catastrophe

May 5th, 2010

Chris Horner, author of “How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America” believes that the Cap & Trade bill currently being considered by the Senate will yield the the tax gusher that Obama needs to fund his out-of-control government juggernaut. Bigger and even less visible than the VAT, Cap & Trade may be passed without committee hearings, perhaps using reconciliation, blindly in the middle of the night — as is Harry Reid’s habit.

Horner goes on to say:

Obama and his team have long sought to impose the energy-rationing agenda, whose marquee item is the “cap-and-trade” scheme which would not, according to anyone, detectably impact the climate. It isn’t about the climate. The climate is the latest excuse, or vehicle, for the Left’s agenda.

Cap-and-trade would, however, give the state the power to decide how much of something that the current political class disfavors — our most abundant and reliable energy sources — the private sector could have. That is the issue. As is that it would “generate billions of dollars.” Obama’s plan all along has been to use these revenues to underwrite his social engineering.

Either way you slice it, the tax train is bearing down on us. Cap & Trade is being sold as a no-cost policy to save the planet. With that done Congress can turn to the VAT to finish the job of completely destroying the free market economy of the United States.

Don’t be fooled.

Regulatory Rapacity Revved Up

May 3rd, 2010

Here we go again. The “Finance Reform” bill in the house reportedly includes a provision to enable the FTC to regulate the internet. So what does the FTC have to do with finance reform? The Democrats can’t restrain their inclination to use every device at their disposal to clamp down on non-governmental economic activities. If it exists, tax it. If it moves, regulate it. If it still moves, outlaw it. And then, of course, members of government can extract bribes and campaign contributions from it.

The regulatory wrecking-ball never rests.