An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Yet another spam email arrived today from the white house, this time from Carol Browner, the Sun God’s Energy Czarina. And right away, Mozilla tagged it as a SCAM, which of course it is. This is another of those “campaign promise” style missives that this regime regularly uses to try and take credit for something, […]

No amount of indignation or ridicule is sufficient to describe the 2,000 page monster of a finance regulatiory bill, now called Dodd-Frank. Like the health care monster, this Demoncrat written and sponsored beast injects the government into every nook and cranney. But why object? * It doesn’t address the problem that is supposedly its justification, […]

All of a sudden the Sun God’s chariot is losing its wheels. The gulf is a mess, and the president’s proclamation to “Stop the damn leak” is ridiculed. His decree to “Suspend offshore drilling for six months,” thus throwing thousands out of work has been challenged by a federal judge, who says it’s “capricious.” The […]

A P.S. to the previous article describes how government paperwork is causing oil cleanup efforts to be thwarted. BP Oil Spill: Against Gov. Jindal’s Wishes, Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard describes how the Coast Guard’s bureaucracy is hindering the cleanup efforts. Hasn’t anyone in the government got the cahones to just cut through the […]

How much more clear can one be about the incompetence in government? I can’t add a thing to this: More stuck on stupid: EPA vs. the Dutch By Michelle Malkin • June 16, 2010 04:15 PM It’s not just Obama, it’s intrinsic to Big Government. BACK IT DOWN!

Shown below is a map of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, a half million acre preserve that buts up to the border with Mexico. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declared a portion of this park along the border line unsafe for American Citizens. I am personally concerned about this because I live […]

Last evening His Assness, the Sun God, graced us with his radiance in hopes of boosting his poll ratings. He informed us that anything that had gone well during the Gulf oil spill was due to his beneficent efforts. HE had produced the sand berms to protect the Louisiana shores. What he didn’t mention was […]

Can the Meddlesome-Liberal-Busybodies in the Obama administration destroy the second amendment by the back door? Some people point to a United Nations Small Arms Treaty reportedly backed by the Obama Administration as just such a back door. Whether the U.S. Senate would ever ratify such a treaty is, of course, problematical. But the mere backing […]

Here’s our refined Sun God performing the street version of the classic “Ass Kick Boogie.” What a versatile guy. How wonderful is his hope and change! Oh well!

My friend, Ben Kalafut, wrote a comment to my recent article “Automotive Innovation, American Know-how.” His comment, below, stirred up some old memories on the subject. Ben wrote: Have you seen the six-stroke water-injection setup? Makes timing and manifold design a bit more complicated, but a very nice way to lower T_c and get higher […]

In case you haven’t seen this, it’s worth a look. I was impressed and wonder if this technique is being used currently in the Gulf, and if not, why not? It sure would beat the hell out of “kicking ass” as the Sun God proposes!

At last, something sunny to blog about! This MIT Technology Review article and associated links describes new technology to make automotive (and truck) gasoline and diesel engines more efficient. The research promises increased mileage, perhaps to 70 MPG or more, less pollution, and perhaps no significant increase in vehicle cost. Among the innovations are more […]

There has been a lot of noise lately directed toward the President. Why doesn’t he fix the leak? What is he going to do about the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? But let’s step back and ask ourselves what role the U.S. Federal Government can and should really play in this situation. Is […]

Thanks to Coyote Blog’s Creating the American Provda for bringing this most chilling document to my attention. Here’s the FTC’s “Staff Discussion Draft” .PDF POTENTIAL POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS TO SUPPORT THE REINVENTION OF JOURNALISM A new Federal Trade Commission document describes ways for government to tax, support and control journalism and consumers thereof. It is written […]