An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal (July 27th) reminded us of some statistics that should be kept at hand next time someone uses the U.S. experience in Vietnam as an example of an unjust or unjustified war. From WikiLeaks to the Killing Fields All in all, America’s withdrawal from Southeast Asia resulted in the […]

I really do wish I could write more about good things. It gets tiresome railing about the destruction of our country, but too much of the news is bad. Finally, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal (July 30, 2010, pg. A4) entitled “Obama Defends Teacher Policy.” He says he’s in favor of […]

Yet more stealth legislation from the Sun God regime: (from Politico) Deep inside the massive overhaul bill, Congress gives the federal government authority to terminate contracts with any financial firm that fails to ensure the “fair inclusion” of women and minorities, forcing every kind of company from a Wall Street giant to a mom-and-pop law […]

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor has a clever web based campaign called You Cut. The idea is that citizens should suggest wasteful government programs then vote on the ones they consider most deserving of cutting or elimination. The winning program-cut would then be introduced as legislation and the votes of congressmen would be recorded for […]

“( – The Obama administration is backing legislation that includes regulations requiring U.S. businesses to provide to the government data about employee pay as it relates to the sex, race and national origin of employees.” They call it the “Paycheck Fairness Act.” Along with their other oppressive new regulations on bank transactions, 1099’s for all […]

The federal government is tightening surveillance of your bank account, spending and borrowing (see: Liberty and Democrats through new financial monitoring provisions of (oddly) the health care law. Now we learn that the stimulus bill signed last year contains detailed requirements for medical record keeping as described in a article “Obesity Rating for Every […]

The Washington Times in its article “Finance bill favors intersts of unions, activists” points out some of the blatent paybacks and race bias that characterize Democrat mega-legistlation (2,400 page) being blindly jammed down the country’s throats. It’s just what we need, 20 more offices of minority and women inclusion. The bill would create more than […]

No surprise here. The Sun God, without needing congressional confirmation, has used a recess appointment to name Donald Berwick, by all evidence a socialist who believes in bureaucratic rationing and redistribution of wealth, as the administrator for his new “Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services” bureaucracy. (thanks to What do you think about this […]

The Sun God has decreed that NASA’s primary mission should be to make Muslims feel good about their contributions (900 or so years ago) to science and engineering. See below an interview with Charles Bolden, recently appointed to head up NASA. Routinely ridiculing President Obama and his administration has become so easy that it’s boring. […]

The big bold headline on Drudge Report today reads BIG SIS BLOCKS WEBSITES WITH ‘CONTROVERSIAL OPINIONS’. Now that’s an article that a free speech attack dog can’t resist reading. The short article describes an internal TSA email sent out to employees describing a net-nanny system to block access to “five categories of websites that have […]

Today’s Headlines: 21 killed in Mexican gang shootout near Arizona border and Gunfire hitting City Hall prompts Texas AG to ask for more troops on border For anyone who considers Mexican border enforcement to be a minor concern and Arizonans to be racial alarmists, the above headlines speak for themselves. We citizens of Arizona, and […]

Americans for Tax Reform has compiled a summary of upcoming tax increases: Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History(pdf) It reads like a horror novel. Income tax rates all rise, low bracket to 15%, highest bracket to 39.6%. Return of the Death Tax: 55% of estates over $1.0 Million — nearly […]