An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

After reflecting for a while on Glen Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally I wonder what faction of American politics was helped, or perhaps harmed. It is obvious, based on the large number of participants, that the event is significant. The odd thing about it was the apparent marriage of Tea Party participants with an overtly religious […]

Deep within the Health Care legislation was buried a provision to expand 1099 reporting to cover nearly all business transactions — a stealth move by congress. More stealth consisted of a government takeover of the student loan program — within the Health legislation. Within the Financial Reform bill are hidden regulations regarding racial diversity. The […]

Terrorism isn’t an “Islamic thing” say Muslim spokesmen. Besides, even if the terrorists du-jour are predominantly Muslim, the non-Muslim/Western world has committed greater violence says Imam Rauf, he of the Ground Zero Mosque. And a bunch of American liberals chime in saying that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, and even if a […]

Ever wonder where your member of congress is during the breaks? Here in Arizona’s District 4 we have a Congressman Pastor (who used to represent my district, but was somehow gerrymandered to another district 7 a few years ago). We never saw him or read anything about him except a few days before an election. […]

Click image left for an explanation courtesy of And for a mad cow update, click this image (lifted from the source -Recommended!. ): It’s great to see this madness coming to an end, but the author is right to warn that the worst consequences can often occur after the fact as politicians and regulators […]

Brian Riedl published a report for the Heritage Foundation entitled: New CBO Budget Baseline Shows that Soaring Spending—Not Falling Revenues—Risks Drowning America in Debt. The title might just as well have been “The President and Congress are Killing America.” See an abstract from the report below and click the link to read the rest. The […]

Behind the scenes of the Jihaddi-Mosque controversy, hidden from view by pictures of the Sun God bathing in the Gulf of Mexico, and the catastrophe in Pakistan, behind all of this is the ongoing frenetic activity of the Sun God’s leftist wrecking crew as they take crow bars and hammers to America’s natural resource industries. […]

Once again, the Obama political regime spares no opportunity to use a crisis for its political mileage. In an interview with PBS’s Jim Lehrer yesterday, which focused mainly on the humanitarian and political dimensions of the Pakistan floods, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke made the spontaneous claim that Pakistan’s floods and Russia’s fires were caused by global […]

In an article describing the terror group Hamas’ endorsement for the ground zero mosque, the author goes on to report that: Abdul Rauf raised eyebrows last week when he departed on a State Department-sponsored goodwill mission to the Middle East, despite concerns that the trip may be helping him with the mosque’s $100 million fund-raising […] published this piece in which Sheriff Dever of Cochise County Arizona describes how the U.S. Border Patrol is pulling back their efforts from proximity to the Mexican border on orders from their higher-ups. See: Arizona Sheriff: Border Patrol Forced to Retreat From Parts of Border Because it’s “Too Dangerous,” Upper Management Afraid of “International […]

Our president, the Sun God, proclaims that he sees nothing wrong with Muslim radicals building a mosque at the “hallowed ground” site of the Muslim 911 terror attack. He maintains that this isn’t a judgment about the wisdom of allowing them to build this particular mosque at this particular site, but just an affirmation of […]

Congressman Pence takes issue with Democrat politicians who demean the Tea Party participants. It’s Summer and I’m just back from a vacation trip to Maine, the home of Olympia Snow and Susan Collins. But I tried to think about sailing and cool breezes instead of politics, so it was very pleasant, indeed. In fact, blissful […]

Are you sick and tired of the leftist charges of racism against the Tea Party movement? Watch this and show it to your doubting Thomas friends. Isn’t UTube Wonderful!!!

How’s this for healthcare hope and change? Oh SUN GOD, we worship you!