An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

By restraining government powers the U.S. Constitution protects “Freedom To” for its citizens. It doesn’t define those freedoms, it just restrains the forces that, if allowed, can and will limit or destroy “Freedom To”. We should understand “freedom to” as anything an individual wants to do do that is not explicitly illegal. President Franklin Roosevelt […]

Currently we’re seeing small-employment exemptions being introduced into various pieces of regulatory legislation. For example, the Democrats propose exempting employers with 25 or fewer employees from 1099 reporting provisions of the Obamacare legislation. This brought to mind a consulting job I did years ago. My client was contemplating the importation for resale of Italian made […]

The Federal Government, as part of the stimulus program, is spending $800,000 of your tax dollars on a program to study the benefits of post-coital penis washing for un-circumcised African men — apparently as a prevention for AIDS. (h.t. via Drudge) $800,000 is a lot of money, and the only ones stimulated are the African […]

Obama talks about “building our economy on a ‘new foundation”? What is that? Socialism. OK, we already know this guy’s way out there. Then the ad lib “They talk about me like a dog.” Poor president Obama. But then I began thinking about the President’s state of mind. What would happen if he actually flipped […]

Here’s what happens when citizens allow government to take over their lives, making decisions for them that in a free country they can and should make on their own. When citizens become dissatisfied with the way they’re being treated, then it becomes a political matter. There are no individual solutions. In modern Europe this applies, […]