An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Read this, then go and vote: Three Charts that Will Infuriate Taxpayers (again, courtesy of a link on Maggie’s Farm blog.)

A provocative Forbes Blog article was referenced by Maggies Farm Blog: Why The GOP Will Never Cut The Size Of Government by Rick Unger. The article rightly observes that if you “[a]dd the 42 percent for Social Security and subsidized health care and the 23 percent for other entitlements and net interest […] you get […]

Back on May 31, 2009 I wrote about suspected stock market manipulation, a suspicion based on my daily observation of stock market behavior patterns. It seemed strange to me then, and since then it has continued to be suspicious. The market has been characterized since March 6th of 2009 by a steady, nearly uninterrupted uptrend. […]

Our tax-supported National Public Radio today published “Partner content from THE NEW REPUBLIC” entitled The New Republic: The Morality Of Taxing The Rich, by Johathan Cohn. If you’re still mystified about the mindset of leftists this is an excellent tutorial. Among Mr.Cohen’s rationales for taxing the “rich” are that a) the rich got their wealth […]

I’m not a party guy, not a joiner. I don’t like crowds. But I’ve gone to each of Tucson’s Tea Party events. Why? The picture below summarizes my motivation. This is Raul Grijalva, my representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Here’s a guy who so dislikes the idea of enforcing existing immigration laws that […]

Thanks to “The Air Vent” for bringing to the forefront a significant development in the Global Warming fantasy skit. Here we have the resignation of a physicist named Hal Lewis from the American Physical Society. I and perhaps others was unaware of Lewis’ credentials. Fortunately the Air Vent blog provides a summary: Harold Lewis is […]

You think something’s holding you back? No excuses here in this video. What kind of determination and self-discipline does it take to accomplish this! Bravo!

After Sheriff’s Deputy Louie Puroll was shot by Mexican drug smugglers in the desert of Pinal County, Arizona the story went nationwide. But then an unknown, obviously leftist element began spreading stories that accused Deputy Puroll of shooting himself to publicize S.B. 1070, the controversial Arizona illegal immigration enforcement bill. Puroll was accused of racism […]

There is a group, led by a guy named Fred Phelps and his wife, calling themselves a church. This group rotinely assaults the funerals of fallen soldiers, claiming that their deaths are due to sinful behavior and homosexuality. These demonstrations are unbelievably ugly and offensive. The Supreme Court is considering whether their behavior constitutes protected […]

Yesterday a border patrol truck came roaring into my property, rounded the driveway loop and sped away. This peaked by curiosity, so I went out to see what was going on. After a few minutes, two border patrol officers appeared. One carried an M-16 rifle. I found this disconcerting. 43 years ago I was carrying […]

Geert Wilders, a politician who heads the third-largest political party in Holland is being tried for “hate speech.” What we’re really talking about here is censorship, plain and simple. Mr. Wilders speaks out against immigration to Holland, particularly by Muslims. In too many formerly free, supposedly democratic countries, such as Holland, France and Canada, among […]