An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Senator Tom Coburn in a recent speech summarized succinctly what has gone terribly wrong with out Federal Government. And much of it has occurred in the last four years. This is worth a moment of your time to read and reflect upon. It is a time for Americans who have never been involved in the […]

credit Another Black Conservative The U.S. Department of Homeland Insanity announces that it wants in on the Global Warming scam. See below:(via Climate Global Warming Battle Joined by DHS This is so self-ridiculing I can’t add anything useful to it.

Now that the Reid/Pelosi led lame duck congress has passed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, with the object of stuffing the military forces with homosexuals, congress will have to add a new line item to the defense budget: Cost of Aids Treatments for military personnel. It should be quite a lollapaloosa. As earlier […]

Mushify: [verb] The progressive/liberal formula for solving every problem and spreading happiness throughout the world. Whenever a liberal encounters someone, anyone who is unhappy for any reason, the answer is to mushify. The essence of musification is to redefine things so they no longer vex the unhappy complainer. Simple! Mushification appeals to those with a […]

Some time in the past week readers of this blog, those using Opera and Firefox browsers began to experience a strange behavior. The page will unexpectedly scroll to the bottom. I’ve traced this to the services of two companies, and Both of these are collecting usage data from YouTube embeds in blogs and […]

After the blowout of the Global Warming Scare some in the science establishment are scratching around for their next big project. A few European scientists envision a giant simulation model encompassing everything knowable about the earth and man’s activities thereupon. (See my prior article on this subject. Contributory to this vision is a recent article […]

In its latest nanny-state outrage, the federal government wants control of your child’s fork. In a series of recent legislative and regulatory moves politicians want to control your weight, your diet, your medications, your food suppliers, your children’s diet, and your bake sales … what’s next, your haircut? This latest Nanny State Gone Nuts legislation […]