An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Against a background of six United States flags, President Obama gave a rambling 30 minute speech, a performance that was sophomoric in the extreme, but it would have made Hugo Chavez proud. It was all about mushification — the U.S. under the heroic leadership of Obama did the deed in Libya and then gave the […]

In a March 26, 2011 editorial for the Wall Street Journal, Senator John Kerry wrote: On Monday I shook hands with young Egyptians and listened to them speak of their hopes for their country. At a town-hall meeting I could sense some questioning whether the United States would really be there when it counted. I […]

In the Libyan matter. Without leadership the “coalition” turns into a brawl. The U.S. is doing all the work while the Europeans squabble in the absence of U.S. leadership. While the Beanie In Chief Puts a Spin on it. It is a disgrace to our country and an insult to our armed forces to have […]

There is so much miserable bad news that it is depressing to write about it. That’s why it has been some time since the last article. But what really depresses me is that I have always been, at heart and in practice an optimist. I started and operated my own businesses, served in the military, […]

This post will probably get me into a tiff with several of my friends who are teachers, but they already know my attitude, and most won’t read this blog anyway. Not so many years ago teachers’ unions were small and weak. Teachers considered themselves professionals, and as such they commanded widespread respect, individual contracts for […]