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Coverup Worse Than Original Crime

April 28th, 2011

I’m waiting for President Obama to declare “I’m not a crook.” He has released a birth certificate that is obviously a forgery, and an incredibly amateur one at that. See below and on numerous other sites.

Is this just another example of the “Chicago way”? Don’t take that as an excuse. Our president, the anointed one, is certifiably a liar and a crook.


Was the president born in Hawaii? Most probably yes. I’ve never had serious doubts about that. Is the president a liar and a crook? Yes. Did the recently released “long form birth certificate” prove or disprove anything at all? No. Is it a forgery? We don’t really know. I may have jumped to an unwarranted conclusion about that. But it’s still up in the air.

With his characteristic arrogance the Sun God remarked on Wednesday that, “Over the last two and half years, I have watched with amusement. I have been puzzled with the degree with which this thing just kept going,” He has been “amused” that citizens have raised a legitimate question about his constitutional qualification to be president. Apparently, in his mind it’s none of our business. How dare we question him? He has valued his amusement over and above the legitimate constitutional questions raised by citizens, so much so that he’s spent millions of dollars blocking release of a document which he could have authorized with the stroke of a pen two and a half years ago. Against this background of arrogance and deceit nobody should be ashamed to doubt his honesty and the genuineness of the documents submitted this week and previously. After all, the document was under the custody and delivered by the White House, not by any trusted intermediary. So the doubts remain, not about his birthplace, but about the veracity of the submitted documents and motivation for hiding nearly every document about his past life.

Easter Wolf Doesn’t Offend

April 21st, 2011

The headline proclaimed “Easter Bunny, events renamed ‘spring’ to avoid offending anyone”. Now I’m as much a pagan as anyone but I don’t remember ever being “offended” by Easter celebrations. So I wonder who is offended? It certainly isn’t Christians. The holiday is pagan in origin, so why should we be offended? Maybe it’s the eternally outraged Muslims?

Changes in customs don’t give me much grief, but contorting the language certainly does. The Easter Bunny is The EASTER BUNNY, not the Spring Bunny. If you want to invent a new holiday tradition, do it with your own damn animal. Call it the SPRING WOLF or something. (After investigating I discovered that this isn’t an original idea!)


The Whole Enchilada

April 17th, 2011

I saw this in Business Insider and couldn’t resist copying it here.

Hope I’m not breaking someone’s copyright by linking to it.

Electric Car for Women

April 15th, 2011

Wow, in the 1920’s a “folding” electric car designed for women. I was especially impressed with the can-do attitude displayed by the women who unfold it.

Couldn’t embed it, but it’s worth a click

Good Enough for Government Work?

April 14th, 2011

Air traffic controllers sleeping on the job: Good enough for government work.

TSA frisking children: Good enough for government work.

President Obama’s budget speech of 4/13/11: A disgrace. This pack of lies, illusions and evasions is not even good enough for government work.

The president engaged in class warfare of the most vile sort. The rich have to “give back a little more” he said. As if they got from the government what they should now “give back.” This guy is a Hugo Chavez wanna-be.

So our socialist president wants to close an annual deficit created by his party’s runaway, drunken spending spree, an increase of over $1.0 Trillion per year so far by increasing taxes on the “rich” who are defined to earn over $250,000 per year.

Just a little inconvenient fact: “According to Internal Revenue Service data, the entire taxable income of everyone earning over $100,000 in 2008 was about $1.582 trillion. Even if all these Americans—most of whom are far from wealthy—were taxed at 100%, it wouldn’t cover Mr. Obama’s deficit for this year.” (WSJ -4/14/11)

Unless the republicans and democrats are able to peel back at least $1.6 Trillion in annual spending — right now — we’re headed for a hyperinflation-depression such as the world has never seen. But maybe that’s what the dem-socialists are looking forward to — social justice in the form of everyone being equally impoverished and the government feeding everyone with rations of gruel, delivered at the point of a gun.

The reality is that the current crisis is the product of years of political irresponsibility accelerated to light-speed by Obama, the Sun God’s delusions over the past two and a half years.

In his speech the President said “this isn’t the country I grew up in.” That’s true. He’s destroying that country by his and the actions of his own party in government.

Governing by Tantrum

April 10th, 2011

The $38 Billion “cut” is a painful slashing of the U.S. government budget say Democrats. It’s the best we can do say Republicans. Neither party has disclosed exactly what will be cut. Who, then, will bear this horrible pain?

The Obama democrats, while in control of the presidency and both houses of congress, have increased the deficit by over a BillionOOPS! TRILLION Dollars, without even passing a budget. And the community organizer complains that his is the party of adults? Let’s face it, the majority of both parties in congress are a bunch of crybabies throwing tantrums. They ignore the really important questions while squabbling about trivia. The American people are not so stupid that they perpetually lied to and fooled by such behavior.

As a voter you should ask yourself these questions before the next election:

  • Do I get any “valuable service” from government? If so, what specific service is it and am I getting my money’s worth?
  • Do I believe that government spending stimulates the economy? If so, should the government get the money from taxes or borrowing or both. Are there any ultimate limits on the amount of borrowing or taxation?
  • Does the Federal Government really run the country as is so often repeated, or do citizens run the country?
  • Does the president run the country or does he run the bureaucracy? If he runs the country, should he?
  • Should it be the government’s business to regulate moral behavior? If so, mine or someone else’s?
  • To what extent should the government be the source of charity in this country and internationally?
  • Does government regulation of your life improve your life? What regulations are these?
  • Does government regulation of the lives of others improve your life? What regulations are these?
  • Are members of congress and Washington bureaucrats all smarter than you are? If smarter, should they be allowed to control your life choices, pocketbook and preferences?
  • Do you currently use government subsidized “investments” such as light rail, high speed rail, Amtrak, corn-ethanol, solar panels, windmills, etc. Do you anticipate future benefits from these subsidies?
  • Do you think the government does anything economically or efficiently? If so what?
  • If the government is competent to run health care, then why are Medicare and Medicaid bankrupt? What makes you think that they can do a better job with this than they do with Amtrak or the Post Office?
  • GDP is defined as the entire economic production of the U.S. economy. At what level is government borrowing unwise, at 100% of GDP (where it is today), at twice GDP, at 6-8 times GDP where Obama’s party is steering it?
  • Should American soldiers be committed to combat under the command of French generals, or any non-American commanders?
  • Should American soldiers ever be committed to combat without a plan for them to win the struggle? Without any plan or goal at all?
  • Is the U.S.A. a special country, or is it just one among many, nothing special?
  • Should an American president bow in front of foreign kings? Should he apologize for America’s history of success? Should the president be a proud American patriot?

Perhaps by my phrasing of these questions I’ve stacked the deck in favor or my own point of view and preferences. But I dare any liberal democrat or RINO to answer these questions completely and honestly without then questioning his own political beliefs and loyalties.

Completely Useless Federal Employees

April 8th, 2011

Here’s a list of useless (non-essential) federal employees. Instead of being furloughed they should be fired permanently.(From National Journal)

Education: 4,150 workers out of 4,465 full- and part-time employees would be furloughed.
Energy: No furloughs in the short term.
Environmental Protection Agency: Of 17,721 employees, 16,061 workers would be furloughed.
General Services Administration: 11,298 workers out of 12,697 employees would be furloughed.
Health and Human Services: 47,693 workers departmentwide would be furloughed.
Homeland Security: Approximately 184,000 employees out of 230,000 workers across the department would be excepted.
Interior: From 52,000 to 55,000 out of 68,900 total employees would be furloughed.
Government Accountability Office: Out of 3,000 employees, fewer than 30 would be considered excepted.
Housing and Urban Development: The department has 9,700 employees. Of that number, 846 would be excepted and 8,854
Justice: Of 117,529 employees, 94,261 workers would be excepted.
Labor:14,449 out of 16,099 workers would be furloughed.
Merit Systems Protection Board: All 216 employees except the three-member Presidentially Appointed Senate Confirmed (PAS) Board would be furloughed.
Office of Personnel Management: 724 employees would be furloughed out of 6,514 total employees.
Postal Regulatory Commission: Out of 71 employees, five appointed commissioners and three tech/support staff would be considered excepted.
Small Business Administration: 2,102 out of 3,230 employees would be furloughed.
Social Security Administration: 20,846 employees out of 68,028 would be furloughed.
Transportation: 17,870 workers out of 58,011 would be furloughed.
Treasury: Of 127,000 total employees, 92,000 workers would be furloughed.
Veterans Affairs: Of 312,628 total employees, 10,234 would be furloughed.
The Office of Management and Budget is including agency contingency plans on its site as well.

Sack-of-Crap Commander in Chief

April 8th, 2011

Mark Levin nails it. President Obama refuses to ensure that the military are paid during a government shutdown …. because he’s a Marxist who hates the U.S. And we have this sack of crap for a commander in chief of the armed forces? Listen below:

It makes me angry. It should anger you too.

Acronym Madness in Obamacare Regs

April 7th, 2011

Here’s a list of the acronym definitions found in the 429 pages of new regulations spawned by 6 pages of the Obamacare legislation courtesy of US News. Don’t even bother to read the regulations themselves. The exercise will probably shorten your life.

ACO Accountable Care Organizations
AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
BCBSMA Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
BIPA Benefits Improvement and Protection Act
BQI Better Quality Information
CAD Coronary Artery Disease
CAHPS Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems
CAHs Critical Access Hospitals
CAM Complementary and Alternative Services
CBIC Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor
CCNC Community Care of North Carolina
CHCs Community Health Centers
CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Program
CMMI Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation
CMP Civil Monetary Penalties
CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
CNM Certified Nurse Midwife
CMS-HCC CMS Hierarchal Condition Category
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CP Certified Psychologist
CSW Clinical Social Worker
CVE Chartered Value Exchange
CWF Common Working File
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
DM Diabetes Mellitus
DOJ Department of Justice
DRA Deficit Reduction Act of 2005(Pub. L. 109-171)
DSH Disproportionate Share Hospital
DUA Data use Agreement
E&M Evaluation and Management
EDB Enrollment Database
EHR Electronic Health Record
ESRD End Stage Renal Disease
eRx Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program
FFS Fee For Service
FQHCs Federally Qualified Health Centers
FTC Federal Trade Commission
GAO Government Accountability Office
GPCI Geographic Practice Cost Index
GPRO Group Practice Reporting Option
HAC Hospital Acquired Conditions
HCAHPS Health Care Providers Systems and Surveys
HCC Hierarchal Condition Category
HCO Health Care Organizations
HCPCS Health Care Procedural Coding System
HHA Home Health Agencies
HICN Health Insurance Claim Number
HIPAA Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HIE Health Information Exchange
HIT Health Information Technology
HITECH Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
HRSA Health Resources Services Administration
HVBP Hospital Value Based Purchasing
IHIE Indiana Health Information Exchange
IME Indirect Medical Education
INPC Indiana Network for Patient Care
IOM Institute of Medicine
IPPS Inpatient Prospective Payment System
IQR Inpatient Quality Reporting
IRS Internal Revenue Services
LTCHs Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals
MA Medicare Advantage
MAeHC Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative
MDCs Major Diagnostic Categories
MedPAC Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
MHCQ Medicare Health Care Quality
MMA Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act
MPFS Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
MS-DRGs Medicare Severity-Diagnosis Related Groups
MSP Minimum Savings Percentage
MSR Minimum Savings Rate
NC-CCN North Carolina Community Care Networks
NCH National Claims History
NCQA National Committee for Quality Assurance
NP Nurse Practitioner
NPI National Provider Identifier
NQF National Quality Forum
NYCLIX The New York Clinical Information Exchange
OIG Office of Inspector General
OMB Office of Management and Budget
PA Physician Assistant
PACE Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly
PACFs Post-Acute Care Facilities
PCMH Patient Centered Medical Home
PFS Physician Fee Schedule
PGP Physician Group Practice
PHI Protected health information
POS Point of Service
PPO Preferred provider organization
PPS Prospective Payment System
PQRI Physician Quality Reporting Initiative
PQRS Physician Quality Reporting System
PRA Paperwork Reduction Act
PSA Primary Service Areas
RFI Request for Information
RHCs Rural Health Centers
RHQDAPU Reporting Hospital Quality Data for Annual Payment Update
RIA Regulatory Impact Analysis
SNFs Skilled Nursing Facilities
SOR Privacy Act Systems of Record
SSA Social Security Administration
SSN Social Security Number
TIN Tax Identification Number

Don’t you just love government’s productive work?

Clarity About Spending

April 7th, 2011

What politician, what voter in his right mind could consider the Obama/Democrat “current path” on the (Paul Ryan budget) graph below to be a rational choice? I’ve not heard any democrat apologist justify that kind of path. It can’t be because they don’t see it. It may be because they just don’t want to deal with it now, during their term in office. That would take personal integrity, honesty and courage, none of which these people possess.

So the blather about government shutdown goes on. The furlough of some 800,000 would leave the government employment about where it was when Obama came into office. These people are “non-essential” so useless. Fire them all. That will make a start at saving money.

I can’t identify a single federal government service I’ve received in my lifetime. I’ve paid out taxes that should entitle me to fire at least one government employee who’s never done anything beneficial for me … and maybe another who has burdened me with regulations, paperwork and hassles. What about you?

Hope For the Future

April 5th, 2011

In the video, above, Representative Paul Ryan outlines the vital need and rationale for his proposed U.S. Government budget.

We’ve heard this proposal described as “extreme” but what is really extreme are the mindless increases in spending that have already been built into the government’s spending. If anything, Ryan’s proposals are modest, but a good start. Let’s back Rep. Ryan and his plan for the good of our children and the future of our country.