An Odd Citizen’s Search For Vanishing Freedoms

Here’s Senator Tom Coburn’s take on the budget reforms that our congress will need to implement if we’re to survive as a prosperous nation. It’s really sad that politics has thus far made it unlikely that a real solution to the government’s out of control spending will be found. So Senator Coburn’s calm, sensible approach […]

Should the President of the U.S. to be spending public funds to campaign for his own re-election? Should the White House support a propaganda department? Well, it does, and today it expanded its staffing. According to and article in the Huffington Post (via FishBowlNY reporting a memo from the WH “This week, Jesse Lee will […]

The Secret Service grills a 13 year old kid for an innocuous comment on his Facebook page. He warned that President Obama should be aware of threats in retaliation for Bin Laden’s death. See for yourself whether this is a case of over-reaction by our government. Do we really want to be censored this way? […]

This is what passes for “culture” in the Obama White House. These are the lyrics of Common, a rapper invited by Michelle Obama to the White House for “poetry night”. Does cop-killing and advocating the killing of a President represent civilized culture to you? It doesn’t to me. (from the Daily Caller: ) A Letter […]

Ireland’s government has announced a novel way of paying for government spending by taxing the assets of private pension funds. This appears to be a direct levy on wealth retained by pension funds. Similar ideas have popped up from time to time here in the U.S. There are trillions of dollars in private pension funds, […]

In case you’ve never seen up close what Mexican workers do on U.S. farms (it was new to me), please take a few minutes to see this video. The narration is in Spanish, but I’ll explain it below. The task involves three people. The first worker cuts the lettuce. The second worker trims the lettuce […]

To those in and out of government who worry about Muslim sensitivities if shown the photos of Bin Laden’s dead body I offer this. Those Muslims didn’t seem very sensitive to the videos of Daniel Pearl and others having their heads sawed off by fellow Muslims with rusty knives. So who should care about Muslim […]

It’s telling to me that, reportedly, one of the residents of Bin Laden’s lair hid behind a woman as a shield. Osama is dead. Hooray for that! It’s about time. And it is gratifying to know that this was an all-American military operation. So what’s next? In my opinion it’s time to leave Karzai and […]