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Punishing Success, Killing Jobs

June 23rd, 2011

The arrogant Obamacrat bureaucrats at the FTC have announced that they will go fishing for something, anything bad at Google. Any successful company must be doing something bad according to this job killing philosophy.

The Obamacrat motto: “We must punish success.”

Surge In, Dribble Out

June 23rd, 2011

A most sensible observation I heard recently: “Wars are not ended. They are either won or lost.”

The president’s speech yesterday in which he announced a force reduction in Afghanistan then morphed into campaign mode was vintage Obama. Blah-Blah-Blah. The college professor proclaiming his rules for good living, which centered on you guessed it, kumbaya! Unicorns and good feelings all around, guided by an all-knowing, all-caring government bureaucracy.

Now back to Afghanistan. We are left with the realization that those troops left behind in Afghanistan will be facing an enemy that knows when we will leave. Our troops will have lesser strength, lower morale, reduced support from home (we’re pulling out, aren’t we?). This will be deadly. I personally don’t much like the way this war has been waged and would like to see us pull out abruptly and leave that bastard Karzai and his corrupt bunch of thieves to face the Taliban alone. But if we’re going to stay, it is wrong to dribble out. We should pull troops out of Germany and send them to reinforce the troops in Afghanistan, kick butt in Pakistan and win the war, then pull out.

Treating a war as a re-election campaign problem is immoral at the least. When the lives of our troops are sacrificed for political gain, that is criminal.

Father’s Day on CBS News

June 19th, 2011

On CBS TV this morning, Father’s day, there was a tender essay about the joys and lessons of being a father. A cute black child was pictured with a soft-spoken white man talking about the joys of fatherhood and adoption.

Maybe I missed the introduction. (Some research shows I probably did.) But
then, in the final shot two men were shown with the child. Obviously two white homosexual men had adopted a black child. So what’s wrong with that you might ask? Well, CBS News was advocating a “gay” agenda on father’s day. Neither of these men is a father, at least not of this child. The cute young child will grow up confused and confounded, and without the love and example of a mother. Was there no heterosexual black married couple willing to adopt this cute young child?

The moderator of the program was wearing a rainbow tie, exploiting a child to further the “gay” political agenda. It makes me wonder what these guys smoke when they cook up the script for their show. Whatever it is, they shouldn’t be sharing it with us. I found it inappropriate and disgusting.

A Potato, a Baseball and the U.S. Constitution

June 16th, 2011

If someone pointed to a baseball and told me it was a potato it wouldn’t tempt me to cook it for dinner. I don’t think it would tempt you either, no matter how authoritative the source of the statement. There is a fundamental and obvious difference between a baseball and a potato. But when it comes to laws then it boils down to what the definition of “is” is.

The U.S. Constitution was written by some very wise and well educated men who also expressed their thoughts succinctly and clearly. So it baffles most of us who read and understand the English language how the Constitution’s plain meanings have been mangled and bent to justify all manner of Federal Government powers and expansions. So I was particularly interested to encounter online a copy of the Constitution in the U.S. Senate website, with the original language accompanied by an interpretation. I guess this is what our Senators refer to when they need reference to the Constitution.

Now I’m not a lawyer by any stretch of imagination, and I do concede that much of the damage to our republic has been done by those worthies of the Supreme Court. So I’ll just mention a few things I found in Section 8, where the “limited and enumerated” powers of the Federal Government are specified, along with their interpretation for use by the Senators.

The first of these is the notorious Commerce Clause, which gives congress the power to regulate “interstate commerce.”

This clause has been used as a huge loophole to justify federal power to regulate and do almost everything, most recently by Democrats to justify the constitutionality of Obamacare and EPA regulation of carbon dioxide. The winds blowing across state lines are apparently “interstate commerce,” thus making the EPA’s regulation of airborne pollution Constitutional. So wind is “commerce”, flowing rivers are “commerce”, trucking and communication are “commerce”.

Look at the Constitutional statement on the left and then at the interpretation on the right, where it states that “the ‘Commerce Clause’ is one of the most far-reaching grants of power to congress.”
Can that conclusion be reached by the plain meaning of the Constitution in which “interstate commerce” was plainly intended to mean commercial transactions over state lines? A power needed to keep one state from taxing and regulating commercial transactions involving other states? YAH, YAH, I know that the Supreme Court was defenestrated during the F.D.R administration and hasn’t ever regained its courage to do its duty.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all government programs now justified by the Commerce Clause were re-examined, and those that did not involve actual commerce, i.e., commercial transactions, were shut down forthwith?

OK, here’s another little gem. The Postal Clause shown below:

Where in the original language does it say that “Congress may also punish those who use the mails for unlawful purposes.”? Was that a pet notion of the guy who wrote this interpretation for our dear senators?

And where does it say that the Post Office must be a government monopoly?

And now to that clause beloved by politicians and bureaucrats, and tyrants, the “elastic clause”. Read the plain language on the left, then the explanation on the right.

The plain language specifies that the congress can “make laws necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution …“. The bold parts refer to those powers already defined in Section 8 and elsewhere in the Constitution. It doesn’t say that this is an ‘elastic clause’ that enlarges legislative power to let Congress do whatever they damn well please, but that’s the impression one gets from the description by the dear senators’ constitutional interpreter.

Of course, whole books are written on how the original meaning of the Constitution has been contorted and ignored to the detriment of the country. There are undoubtedly many learned experts out there who will tell me I’m uninformed and simple minded. But a potato isn’t a baseball, nor a baseball a potato no matter what the experts claim.

TSA – The Dawn of Tyranny

June 15th, 2011

TSA, the Transportation Security Agency, which was supposed to make air travel safe has morphed into a tool of tyranny. Our liberty is at stake. In the coming presidential election campaigns the candidates must make the TSA a serious issue. The whole “Homeland Security” monster needs to be slain. The TSA needs to be eliminated. It is a threat and a tool for the government to dominate us all. President Obama opined that the country needed a domestic force as powerful as the U.S. armed forces. He and his minions are creating such a Soviet style force in the TSA. See this article and the video below. You’ll be shocked, or maybe you won’t be.


The Illusion of China’s Future… and Ours

June 15th, 2011

From “The Australian” newspaper we have a
report of multiple protest demonstrations, some of them violent in China.
This should not come as a surprise to anyone who is monitoring Chinese affairs. The country is an overheated boiler waiting to blow. The people of China are increasingly aware of their suppression and brutal treatment by the corrupt communist government. The banking system is teetering on the verge of collapse. Inflation is kicking in with a vengeance. The housing bubble is as volatile as that in the U.S.A. Central planning has wasted vast sums of money on infrastructure that nobody has any use for. Huge “ghost cities” have been built that nobody occupies. Urban, coastal Chinese grow rich by exploiting slave labor from the agricultural interior, where hoards of people still go barefoot. And construction companies fail to pay their workers. When these workers object they are suppressed by corrupt local bureaucrats. People are being poisoned by air and water pollution, tainted food and counterfeit medications.

Meanwhile, U.S. and European companies have moved manufacturing to China to take advantage of low paid, essentially slave labor. What will these companies do when the boiler explodes? What will happen when Chinese currency kicks into hyper-inflation? How should the financial world react when China becomes so preoccupied with suppressing the discontent of its population, maybe even revolution or civil war, that it loses interest in buying U.S. government debt? Will the communist government launch an attack on Taiwan as a distraction from its internal problems?

There has been a parade of commentary in the past couple of years to the tune of “China will overtake the U.S. economically, if not also militarily.” Or “China is doing all the modern things, such as high-speed rail, modern airports, high-tech manufacturing, etc.” “The West needs to learn from China.” Nonsense. This is the same kind of hand wringing we heard in the 1970’s about “Japan Inc”. The Japanese supposedly had all the answers, the better formula, the best economics, the best education, they were destined to overtake the U.S. economically and buy up all of our most valuable assets, and on and on. Then, in the 80’s and 90’s the American entrepreneurial economy kicked in, Japan swooned, and the silly notions were proved wrong. And Japan wasn’t even our enemy.

Today communist China is not our friend and is far from a model for our future. It is a dangerous illusion waiting to collapse, perhaps violently, with uncertain consequences for our well-being.

Next: A Swat Team for HHS?

June 14th, 2011

Last week I received yet another notification from my Advantage Plus health insurance supplement company. They phoned to see if I had renewed a prescription and said I should be sure to take my medications. I don’t want or need these intrusions. This has been going on since shortly after Obamacare became law.

Similarly, my wife has been receiving annoying calls asking her to utilize nursing advisers employed by the insurance company. The VA has been pestering me about getting a colonoscopy and other services even though I don’t doctor there at all, and given their reputation for malpractice wouldn’t ever do so. On top of this we’ve been receiving intrusive health-related surveys one after the other. I throw mine in the trash. It’s none of their business, but my wife dutifully fills hers out and returns them. Additionally there appear to be new forms and notices that the doctors and hospitals are requiring.

It’s apparent that the bureaucratization of health care and the ugly nannyism of Obamacare is already seeping into the system, and none of it is good. Some of it we can resist, just throw out the miserable surveys and mailed reminders. I tell the phone-callers I’ll call them when I need them, and not to call me back.

But as this builds up, like the Department of Education which employs its own Swat team to break down the doors and conduct forceful home invasions of student loan deadbeats, one wonders what the Obamacare bureaucrats at HHS will cook up. Will they enforce their dictates at gunpoint? Does the Obamacare legislation fund a swat team for Sebelius, so she can intimidate those who won’t cooperate?

This is creeping socialism, folks. Resist it. Throw away those annoying bureaucratic notices and questionnaires. Don’t cooperate with the tyrants who want to destroy your freedom in the guise of “caring for you.”

The President’s Habit of Lying

June 7th, 2011

Mendacity obviously comes naturally to Mr. Obama. Read this article from the Washington Post in which the president spouts one deception after another in an attempt to justify the government’s bail-out of the automobile companies.

Obama’s lies about the auto bailout exposed
(Originally from Drudge Report)

But maybe it depends on what your definition of IS LIE is.

Nancy’s Nutty Logic on Debt: It’s All Bush’s Fault

June 1st, 2011

Via the far-left blog Daily Kos we get this clip. It illustrates liberally the true nuttyness, delusion and mendacity that drive today’s far-left Democrat party. View the clip in its entirety if you have a strong stomach or a barf bag at hand.

Ms. Pelosi starts out with the charge that the debt limit increase bill came up so suddenly that, get this, nobody has had time to read it? President Obama’s budget, which was unanimously rejected by the house should therefore not be quoted as a pattern of Democrat intentions and aspirations — because it didn’t pass?!

Now the mendacity. The debt was all Bush’s fault. The Ryan budget abolishes Medicare. Clinton’s budgets were all in balance after deficit spending by Reagan & Bush.The Ryan plan gives tax breaks to BIG OIL, to CORPORATIONS, and SENDS JOBS OVERSEAS, weakens the middle class, does not create jobs and increases the deficit by 1.9 Trillion. BOO-HOO-HOO. The usual leftist boogie men.

violins, please. She talks about being a mother and grandmother, then slams the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. Complains that education and military equipment will be cut, and mourns the negative impact on the poor, helpless MIDDLE CLASS.

And finally, she claims that in the second year of the Obama administration, more private sector jobs were created than were created in 8 years of the Bush administration. WHAT IS SHE SMOKING?????

Thanks, Daily Kos, for a tutorial on the delusional mentality of the nutty left.

Gmail Hack Attack: Chicom Govt. Responsible

June 1st, 2011

It is quite obvious that the Chinese government is responsible for the recent attack that compromised email accounts on Gmail. According to reports, the attack was directed at:

The company [Google] believes the phishing attack emanated from Jinan, China. In addition to the U.S. government personnel, other targets included South Korean government officials and federal workers of several other Asian countries, Chinese political activists, military personnel and journalists.

Only the Chicom government would have the resources to selectively target these officials by name.

Don’t be fooled. The Chinese government is a criminal enterprise that is no friend of the U.S.A.