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Robbed by Illegal Immigrant

December 20th, 2011

I live near the Mexican boarder. For years now illegal Mexican immigrants have passed through my property. Often times I fed them, gave them water, let them use the telephone and sent them on their way. Other times they disconnected my hoses at night to re-fill their water bottles, discarded trash on the property and camped out back in a dry stream bed (wash) on the property. I speak some Spanish, having attended college in Mexico and Chile, and have a warm spot in my heart for Mexico and Mexicans. But with regard to those crossing my property these days, the hospitality is gone. Last week, for the second time, I was robbed by an illegal Mexican immigrant.

The latest robbery involved the complete ransacking of my office/guest house. The thief was obviously a professional crook, not a desperate immigrant farm laborer. He homed in on and took those things that could be exchanged for cash, such as jewelry, a fire-arm, ammunition, loose change, camera, short-wave radio. He also took military medals and incomprehensibly and most painfully some irreplaceable hand-written journals.

The thief also took a $2 bill that had been my late father’s good luck piece. A visit to a store across the highway yielded a surveillance video of the guy spending the two-dollar bill and many dollars of loose change. There’s no doubt about this culprit.

So why write this in my blog? Not sympathy. I get that from my family. Not fame, this blog has very few readers. No, just a testament to the fact that the Mexican border has become a dangerous channel of criminal activity into the U.S.A. Don’t you believe those who say these are just innocent work seeking immigrants. Most used to be, but now most are drug mules and criminals. So for my erstwhile Mexican friends, you have spoiled it for your companieros, you’re no longer welcome, no longer will you receive any hospitality from me. Adios!