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Breitbart’s Criticism of Press Validated After His Death

March 2nd, 2012

Andrew Breitbart brought great energy, a bit of humor, and a lot of courage to the right side of the political spectrum. All who appreciated his work mourn his untimely death at the age of 43 years.

Among Mr. Breitbart’s journalistic targets was the mendacity and bile characteristic of the so-called “mainstream” press. Just a day after his death this ugly leftist taint shines through in the press coverage. While mentioning a few words about his reputation as a merry prankster, these commentators from API and CNN and other outlets then turn to attacks on his work, particularly his exposure of corrupt Obama-connected organization ACORN and Shirley Shirrod, the race-hustling former Department of Agriculture employee. But nowhere have I seen any mention of one of Andrew Breitbart’s most ardent targets, the Federal Government’s Pigford settlement with black farmers, which is so larded with fraud and race that the “mainstreams” won’t touch the issue. On this there’s complete silence, because they know Breitbart had the facts down cold.

Let’s face the facts. A half-black (mulato) president and a lot of black appointees, so freak out the mainstream media fearful about being called racists, that they become liars and apologists for all manner of government-employed criminals and low-lifes. Or maybe they’re that way by nature and the race-hustling, leftists in government simply take unfair advantage of their moral weakness.

We’ll miss Andrew Breitbart, because he wasn’t afraid to sweep the shit out of the stalls, even when others called this crap “government work” and accused him of being a racist because some of the horses are black.