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Worry About GOP’s Health Care Initiatives

June 30th, 2012

Some Republicans, including Mr. Romney, have been talking about “repealing and replacing” Obama’s health care program. What is this about “replacing”? What gives them the idea that the federal government’s role should be to manage health care at all? Yes, there are a few initiatives that would make the system work better, such as eliminating the tax deduction for employer provided health insurance, reforming the malpractice liability laws and allowing interstate sale of insurance. But I don’t trust these guys enough not to suspect that they will succumb to the temptation to pander — i.e., keep some of the more “popular” features of Obamacare, such as guaranteed issue even for pre-existing conditions, keeping “children” under 27 years on their parents plans, and other such provisions. This keeps the door open for future congresses (of both parties) to load up the health-care industry with other goodies to buy votes.

So to keep it honest we must insist that the next congress:
a) Repeal the Obamacare legislation in its entirety. Bury the monster in a pit with a wood stake through the heart.
b) Pass a constitutional amendment that specifically defines and limits the taxing power of the federal government by type of tax and purpose of tax — obviously excluding Judge Roberts’ twisted logic of a tax on not doing something the government commands.
c) Pass a constitutional amendment that drastically narrows the scope of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause down to a pin-hole, and then begin whittling down the damage that has been done in the name of that huge loophole.
d) Seize the opportunity to appoint as many true constitutional conservatives to the court as possible.

Am I dreaming? Yes, I’m still dreaming the American dream of freedom and opportunity through truly limited government. If enough of us believe in this it could still come to pass. It’s worth a try before we die.

Answer to Tyranny

June 28th, 2012

Oddly, the constitutionality of Obamacare has been affirmed by some twisted logic. We’re faced with the biggest new tax in history, the ugliest new government assertion of authority over our lives in history, the extension of an ugly leftist tyranny. So what now?

First, we still have the opportunity to repeal this monster. Vote for representative who will repeal it. Vote against anyone who supports it in any way.

Second, resist the provisions of this thing with all your might. When you get forms to fill out, don’t fill them out. When you get taxes, refuse to pay them, or at least delay to the very last moment. Lobby your health professionals — let them know what you think about government bureaucrats making your health decisions for you.

Make a political revolution. Throw the bastards out of office. Amend the Constitution so that this kind of abomination won’t ever be “constitutional” again. The mandate ISN’T A TAX, it’s extortion, plain and simple.

Our precious liberties have been severely damaged by this bunch of socialists in congress and a president whose objective is to destroy this proud country. Don’t let them get away with it. The battle isn’t over yet.

The Assault Fork Ban

June 23rd, 2012

Finally we have real weapons control, the Assault-Fork ban

Aren’t you glad your government is constantly looking out for the safety and welfare of your president? Next thing you know Holder’s DOJ will be walking assault-forks into Mexico to get them in to the hands of narco-terrorists. Now that would be a real scandal to track!