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The Press: Enemy of the American People

October 1st, 2012

The following video by Pat Caddell, a former Democrat pollster is the most powerful indictment of the mainstream press that I’ve heard lately. It is depressing. It is a serious disease. Thank goodness we still have independent alternative sources of information via radio talk shows and the internet. Without these we’d be completely blind, deaf and enslaved. But don’t hold your breath. If Caddell is right this alternative too might soon disappear.

The solution, says Caddell, is for Republicans to get some backbone and push back. Call out the lies and the liars. Name names and don’t be cowed. These people are cowards. Don’t be intimidated by them, don’t try to be loved by them. They have poisoned a valuable institution of American liberty, and they must be reformed. It can be, and must be done.