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Email Spam From the Whitehouse

June 23rd, 2009

The whitehouse has me on their mailing list. In the past month I’ve received three slick emails from “Barack Obama,” and “The First Lady” from “whitehouse.gov.” Each email contained some fluff such as a promotion for “United We Serve” and a advice for fathers on Fathers Day. Each had embedded a video — none of which worked — but good enough for government work.

Some questions:

1) Why does the President spam me using my email address which they got from an email protesting the idiocy in Washington.

2) These emails aren’t cheap. How does the Prez justify spending public money to puff up his image? Does the U.S. Government pay for these emails, or does the DNC? And who elected the first lady, anyway?

3) Will my email address find its way into the lists used by the Democratic National Committee? How about the FBI?

4) The volunteer letter said:

Today, for the official kick off of United We Serve, members of my administration have fanned out across America to participate in service events and encourage all Americans to join them.

Who are these “members of my administration”? ACORN perhaps? Must be lots of them if they’re “fann[ing] out across America.” Or maybe it’s just another of the president’s exaggerations/lies.

5) How did we elect a President who treats us all like a bunch of juveniles — fathers day advice, indeed! I should paddle his supercilious butt.

Since my representative would just toss these questions into the round file, perhaps someone reading this has a rep who is willing to investigate. Good luck.

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