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60 Years of Shameful Brutality

October 1st, 2009

Worth Reading, an article about modern China from Mail Online, Marching to world domination: China celebrates 60 years of communism with a display of military might that should worry the West

We shouldn’t forget that the communist government of China has been responsible for the deaths of some 80 million of its own people through repression, starvation and outright official brutality.

Although the Chinese armed forces, with 2.5 million men are still not the military match for the west’s much smaller but more lethal force, this may not remain true, especially as Europe becomes ever more feminized and the U.S. loses its will to maintain a Pax Americana. And an increasing reliance on China as a source for manufacturing leaves the west vulnerable to a Chinese social calamity. But most important of all, these are brutal Communists. Don’t be fooled.

These guys are not our friends.

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