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Narrow Escape From Nancy Pelosi’s MOB

October 10th, 2009

Today I attended the Tucson “Tea Party” held at Tucson Electric Park baseball stadium. I’m happy to report that I escaped the mob scene unharmed and can report to you now. First a few facts. The event, organized by a couple of local women, was well attended. See pictures of the (I’d estimate 3,000 to 5,000 mobsters) below:

North side of stadium:

South side of same:

You can obviously see why Nancy would be frightened out of her wits by the violent nature of this rowdy crowd whose basest emotions were being whipped up by a black radio/TV commentator. a defeated (6 term I think) Republican congressman and a Judge, who is also a political commentator. See below the provocative nature of the presentation.

When the crowd was sufficiently motivated to revolt against those “government dogs”, they then bolted for their cars to retrieve their hand-guns so that they could wreak vengeance upon their Democrat Oppressors. This frightful scene is documented faithfully, below, just as I witnessed it.

You can well imagine how relieved I am to have escaped with my life from such a riotous scene as I’ve described to you above. But after a brandy or two I’m able to reflect with a couple of observations.

First, as one speaker mentioned, there was a paucity of young people attending, even though this was a Saturday at a ballpark. It makes me wonder whether a) the young people simply don’t care about freedom, or b) they’re completely unaware that their future freedom is being stolen from them, or c) they’ve been so completely brain-washed in government schools by leftist teachers that they regard freedom as something quaint and valueless. We need more young people at these events if they are to serve their intended purpose.

Second, although this is Arizona where nobody in his right mind wears a tie, I was somewhat jarred by the attire of the speakers. The MC wore baggy, dirty jeans, a slouch hat, and a tail-shirt not tucked into his pants. He looked poor and sloppy. J.D. Hayworth, the politician, was dressed similarly — dirty, baggy jeans and a work shirt suitable for gardening. The Judge (Napolitano) appeared in a blue blazer. OK, at least he showed respect for the crowd.

In watching music events on TV (I don’t attend popular music concerts) I see the same culture — the musicians seem to think that the more ragged and dirty they look the more they’ll be appreciated … or something like that.

In my own opinion (since this is my blog after all) when you want to present something, be it music or politics to an audience, you owe them the courtesy to dress as if you are visiting their home for the first time or applying for a job. Anyway, I just couldn’t resist getting these observations into the article.

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  1. comment number 1 by: bkalafut

    On occasion as a “service” thing I go play “visiting scientist” at TUSD high schools, and usually dress professionally. I’ve been told at least twice that this shouldn’t be done as it makes the kids feel as though they can’t relate–my reply is that where I come from it’s a sign of respect for the audience.

    Good to know I’m not the only one.

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