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War News in Perspective

October 10th, 2009

From news reports a couple of days ago, trumpeting the fact that 8 U.S. soldiers had been killed in a fierce battle at Camp Keating, one might have concluded that this was some kind of a defeat. But thanks to ABC News, which apparently had a reporter (Karen Russo) on the ground at the time we now learn that our forces gave a lot better than they got. (See this) That should have been reflected in the original headline stories about the battle. See below:

One of the commanders in the Keating fight rejected any suggestion that the battle was a defeat and was frustrated that it could appear that way, especially since he estimated that as many as 100 to 150 attackers were killed in the fight.

Lt. Col. Jimmy Blackmon, who commanded the Apache battalion that flew to Keating’s defense, told ABC News, “Knowing that American soldiers fought all day long, heroic valorous actions all day long, and a headline would lead the average person to believe that we may have lost that fight. Unequivocally untrue.”

Giving credit where it is due, ABC news, particularly the objective and knowledgeable reporting of Barbara Raddatz, has done better than most of the other mainstream news outlets in reporting military news events. Many of the others have editors and reporters that a) use the news to discredit and minimize military accomplishments, and b) in many cases, the writers and editors don’t know which end of the weapon the bullet comes out of.

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