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The Creepy Company Obama Keeps

October 15th, 2009

This article deals with an issue not even mentioned in the ABC,NBC,PBS,NBC, NY Times and other leftist media.

53 House Republicans Call on Obama to Fire Keven Jennings Maybe now they’ll notice.

Even this article fails to mention Kevin Jennings’ publicly repeated praise and admiration for Harry Hay, a devoted Communist and supporter of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) which advocates sex between adult men and young boys as young as 18 months according to a law enforcement official who infiltrated the group. See video below:

Keven Jennings, this promoter of homosexual pedofelia, was appointed by Obama to be the “Safe Schools” Czar?! And this is only one of the slimy, crooked, twisted bastards that have been brought into his administration (ref. Van Jones and others). Could it be a coincidence, an innocent mistake? Or is this part of a pattern?

A man is known for the company he keeps, and Obama’s company is creepy and characterized by an unbearable stench.

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