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Democrats Embrace Party of European Socialists

October 23rd, 2009

The Party of European Socialist held their 3rd “Global Progressive Forum” wherein Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker. Howard Dean was a prominent Democrat participant in prior meetings of this socialist organization. See below (credit FoundingBloggers.com):

Maybe I’ve misinterpreted him, but Clinton seems to be saying that since the demise of the Soviet communist empire as a model of socialist society it has been hard for socialists to coalesce on their agenda, and this meeting of socialists helps to remedy that loss.

So what does this mean? Well, socialism is the ideology that sees society as family with government as the “father and mother” and citizens as the “children,” to be cared for, educated, and directed. Socialists like to think of society as an organic entity whose activities should be motivated by government leadership. And the government should be populated with persons of superior intellect and endless compassion, leading to a safe, just society with fairness to all. Does this all sound familiar? Does this sound like the Obama, Pelosi, Reid line of bull?

In practice, however, socialist utopias always resort to forceful coercion — dictatorship and tyranny. A socialist government fractures into a dictatorship when the elite, purely intentioned parent-experts disagree with one another, and the strongest of the bunch declares himself to be the ultimate authority (for the good of the children, of course). And because some “children” object to their dependent status and refuse to be lead or brain-washed, they have to be forced — for the good of society. The more government intrudes into our lives the more force is needed to keep order. Today’s Obama gang is to be pitied because they believe themselves to be so absolutely pure in motive that they are truly hurt by criticism. They believe that the children just don’t understand how this is all being done for their own good. And how could anyone think they’d ever resort to force?

But as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ram through their unconstitutional health care take-over (for our own good, of course), employing dishonest if not criminal tactics such as stuffing costs into unrelated bills, bypassing constitutional requirements by attaching the health bill as an amendment to an already passed house bill, hiding bill drafting in dark closets, compelling votes on 1,500 page bills nobody has had a chance to read, this is force. See quote below from FreedomWorks.org:

In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid is attempting to hide the enormous costs of ObamaCare by breaking-out some of the more expensive measures like the Medicare Doctor Fix into separate legislation. The Congressional Budget Office has already estimated the bare-bones version of the bill will cost $800 billion, but the real cost is actually much higher when you add up all the things they are trying to move separately. Reid has also indicated he will circumvent the U.S. Constitution, which requires bills like this to begin in the House, by stripping the text of another unrelated bill already passed by the House and inserting the health care overhaul as an amendment.

Emphasis added to highlight criminal intent.

And when Americans rebel at the commandment to buy government specified insurance plans, the government will will use force. What other alternative will there be?

More evidence of Democratic Party’s socialist agenda. Yes, I said SOCIALIST. They can’t hide it.

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