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Obummer To Outgas in Copenhagen

November 25th, 2009

We now read that our Sun God President will promise at the upcoming Copenhagen climate conference big reductions in greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions from the U.S. What makes him think he can make and keep this promise? Presumably he’s basing it on the Boxer/Kerry bill making its way though the House of Representatives. But what does this portend for American citizens?

See Andrew Breitbat’s Big Government for a succinct summary of why cap and trade is a terrible idea and won’t work even if you think it’s necessary to reduce CO2 emissions.
Barbara Boxer’s Cap-and-Trade Energy Tax Won’t Work The summary of the article is as follows:

The bottom line: Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Cap-and-Trade energy tax will cost your family up to $2,000 per year, will destroy about 2.4 million American jobs and will actually increase global greenhouse gas emissions.

These multi-trillion dollar hits on the U.S. economy (socialized health-care, cap & trade, stimulus, bailouts) from the socialists in the white house and congress promise to wreck our economy and way of life for all time.

Although many suspect that congress won’t pass cap and trade, especially if Pelosi-care passes and porks up the budget to bursting, don’t count on that.

Also, see my prior article U.S. Sovereignty At Stake in Copenhagen concerning Copenhagen’s real objectives. Hint, it’s not about ecology, it’s about your wealth.

Be vocal. Write your representatives. Join Club for Growth and FreedomWorks

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