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More Scientists Call for Honest Review of AGW

December 8th, 2009

The American Physical Society is being split by a petition being circulated by some of its prominent members. Please take time to read an article about this here.

To summarize the article, it appears that about half of the members wish to revoke a statement by the society that supports the AGW hypothesis of the UN-IPCC. The society’s president won’t honor the petition or discuss it with its circulators. I’ve read other blogs in which the circulators of the petition are vilified.

It will be most interesting to follow this case and see if science can overcome politics for a thorough, unbiased, honest review of the politicized climatologist’s work.

One Response to “More Scientists Call for Honest Review of AGW”

  1. comment number 1 by: bkalafut

    Where do you get the “half” figure? The APS has roughly 45,000 members (including me.) The petition in question has about 250 backers. 2/3 of one percent is nowhere near 50 percent.

    This is and has been a “fringe” petition. Happer brings up something about half of the members he’s contacted…but he doesn’t explain who he has contacted.

    If half the APS were now backing the petition, I’d have heard something about it by now. I work in a building full of members.

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