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Good Enough for Government Work

December 9th, 2009

* Yucky School lunch meat – Beef that McDonalds would reject, Chicken that KFC would reject, Campbell Soup rejects – not good for anything but pet food. Our Federal Government bureaucracy sends this stuff out for consumption in school lunches reports USA Today.

*Transportation Safety Agency publishes airline baggage inspection manual – a veritable gold mine of information for terrorists bombers. Big Sis says “no harm done. We’re safe.”

*Dems vote to re-fund ACORN after congress, by overwhelming margins (Senate 85-11, House 345-75) voted to stop all funding. A federal court upheld the decision after an ACORN challenge) ACORN, a totally corrupt organization, had been supported by $53 Million in direct federal funds (and more indirectly) for “community activism,” but actually used a large proportion of the money to campaign and hustle fraudulent voter registrations for Democrats.

*Swine Flu Panic The big swine flu scare with the Feds yelling Panic and Pandemic, and Obama declaring a “National Emergency” the miserable management of the vaccine production, the hand wringing and instructions on how to cough — it turns out it will probably all a big exaggeration. A huge over-reaction by the Feds.

*Bernanke and Paulson waved a bloody shirt and spread panic and fear of economic catastrophe. TARP was supposed to save the world financial system from collapsing. With some of the $700 Billion spent on bank nationalizations and recapitalization and more to nationalize auto companies (none for its original purpose to rescue so-called “Troubled Assets”), there’s some money left. Now Obama and his gang want to use it to do a second “stimulus.” This is gangsterism and incompetence at its worst.

The Scandal of Government Health Care: An Introduction to Dr. Anna Chacko describes a real-true-to-life narration of what to expect from government run health care. Dr Chacko currently works at the VA. Don’t tell me the VA is an example of health care done right! It isn’t by any stretch of the imagination. It is a disgrace and a death trap.

This is just a sampling of one day’s news. And it goes on day after day.

What about a Government Run Health System? After all, it’s good enough for government work.

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