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Harry Reid & Jalapeños

December 19th, 2009

The climate summit in Copenhagen collapsed under the weight of its anti-American agenda. Hooray for that! The discrediting of the AGW climate scare goes on, not so much because of the juicy emails, but because of evidence that the raw data was flagrantly cooked. A truly independent audit of this will show whether the data was dishonestly adjusted and cherry picked to support an agenda. In any case the fever-panic has subsided for a while, even if congress still believes in the fairy tale. Meanwhile the Cap & Tax bill will get the Harry Reid treatment.

The U.S. Senate, under the criminal guidance of Harry Reid continues to try and force a government take-over of the health care industry, something that a growing majority of Americans say the don’t want to happen.

In a related vein, yesterday I was busy with Christmas errands and stopped to get a bean burrito at a favorite restaurant. It was the cheapest food on the menu, but I loaded it up with free salsa and covered the whole thing with sliced jalapeño peppers. It tasted good going down, but today I’m paying the real price of the burrito.

Sometime soon, if Harry gets his way, they’ll pass the health care takeover bill. Then they’ll get to read it. Then it goes back to the back room where more salsa and jalapeños will be added. I hope the country’s stomach is stronger than mine is.

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