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Coming: A New Congressional Chaplain

December 21st, 2009

My Washington spies tell me that Pelosi and Reid have drafted a British cleric to be the new chaplain for the U.S. Congress.

After learning that the British priest, Father Tim Jones, had advised his congregation in a Christmas sermon to engage in shop lifting to relieve them from poverty, Pelosi called Reid on the phone. “Harry,” she said, “there’s a man in Britain who embodies our most sacred social and moral ideals. We need him here.” Whereupon, Reid responded “Yes, Nancy-Dancy, your will be done. I’ll send one of my fools with a suitcase full of dollars to entice him. I’m sure Obama will let us use Air Force One to transport him. Thanks for the call.”

When the sun god heard about this he scolded whore-house Harry Reid. He said, “This is obviously a mission for Hillary and me, me, me. I, I the Sun God, I’ll arrange it and use my brilliant visage to dazzle the good priest. But I’ll take the money with me just in case I need to persuade Gordon Brown to part with this crusader for social justice, or maybe Hillary and I’ll need lunch money along the way. Just make sure you send the money in a big suitcase. No small bills. Hundreds will be fine.”

Just after 1:00 AM Airforce One lifted off from Washington. Aboard were Obama the Sun God and Hillary the goddess of lucky investing. And just for the ride, there was Gullible Al, who sat in the corner sucking his thumb. You see, he’d had a miserable week.

We don’t know for sure how the enticement/abduction/mugging will go, but we can be reasonably assured that this able team will return with their new Congressional Chaplain, no matter what it takes.

Now that’s team work.

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