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Pregnant Soldiers at War?

December 22nd, 2009

A recent spat over an American army commander’s order that pregnant soldiers in a war zone should be subject to courts martial illustrates, once again, why women should not be soldiers.

When a commander has to worry about losing soldiers, not to bullets and bombs, but to pregnancy, and then has to deal with shrill feminist critics who say that he’s interfering with womens’ rights, that’s a situation that needs attention. In a war zone the commander’s primary responsibility is to defeat the enemy. But in order to do so, he’s responsible for everything his troops require. They are entirely dependent upon their commander for food, shelter, medicine, sanitation, weapons, ammunition, and leadership. All of these ingredients help to win the war. The commander should not have to be concerned about pre-natal care and diapers. These are distractions.

Women in combat are an uncivilized manifestation of a breakdown in our society’s morality and standards. The same people who promote the idea that war fighting is women’s work also deny that the goal of war fighting is to win. Although the army is, and should be egalitarian, it should not be an instrument for social experimentation at the cost of its effectiveness in war fighting.

Before anyone accuses me of being anti-female, I’m far from it. I’ve been blessed and surrounded by females all my life. My mother, sister, two happy marriages and two daughters are proof of this. I would not wish for any of these wonderful women to participate in combat, as I myself have done. Nor do I criticize the military for having wonderful female nurses in behind-the-lines hospitals, although these are sometimes still hazardous. Again, I have personal experience and complete admiration and gratitude for these angels. They are doing what women do best, nurturing and caring for people.

The U.S. is a large country. Within its 300 million population there are an ample number of young males quite able to perform the duties of soldiers. Any argument that female combatants are needed to fill out the ranks is specious on its face.

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