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Truth That SHOCKS!

January 10th, 2010

OK, Harry Reid reportedly said something very shocking. He told the truth!

a. Barack Obama is light skinned. (TRUE)
b. Barack Obama doesn’t use the Negro vernacular in his speech unless he wants to. (TRUE)
c. Based on “a” and “b” above, his electoral chances were enhanced — Harry’s opinion. (also TRUE in my opinion.)

Democrats and their PC base are in a frenzy, tripping all over themselves to:

a. Figure out how to say that Harry didn’t say that.
b. Even if Harry did say that, he didn’t mean it.
c. Even if Harry did mean that, he’s apologized to every Negro African-American in his Rolodex.

What Harry should have done is to say: “I meant what I said back then, and I still believe that I spoke the truth.” Period, end of controversy.

Political Correctness is the Enemy of Truth.

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